Discussion of the year. What were you arguing about pros in 2020
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    • Discussion of the year. What were you arguing about pros in 2020

    Discussion of the year. What were you arguing about pros in 2020

    Дискуссия года. О чём спорили айтишники в 2020 году

    2020 was the year of heated debate within the it community on a variety of issues. Most of them are somehow related policies. Remember the main thing.

    How to count the votes?

    June 22, Paul Lieber, Senior Director of EPAM, has posted on Facebook the offer to make digital re-check of votes in the elections to “reduce the human factor in the conversion”. Pros are actively involved in discussion of the challenges and methods of creating such a platform.


    • to hold fully open the exit polls online;
    • not to upload the pictures to the app and store them until you need to prove the voice;
    • to store a hash of a combination of voice, aydi, geo, demographic data, etc.
    • to identify the use of passport data (not all resolved).

    Expressed and concerns:

    • not violate any such initiative, the principles of the secret ballot?
    • how to ensure data security?
    • what to do if you kill the connection and/or prohibit the bringing into the booth phones?
    • how to make the initiative a mass?

    After a month of debate and controversy has earned the platform “Voice”. Before the elections, it signed up about a million of Belarusians, who on August 9 was sent through chat-bots images of the ballots with your votes. In its final report platform recorded a large-scale fraud.

    Whether to employ the “abatec”?

    After the election acharai in front of it stood an unexpected question: whether to take on the work of employees of Pro-government political views — because it can create conflict within the team? Eychary quite actively argued on this topic in professional chat rooms. The debate is not bypassed and users dev.by. Opinions differed, but I think still more people supported the view that “one “abetka” will poison the whole team.”

    The pros go on strike?

    Largely divided another major debate of the year: whether it strike? On the one hand, the strike is a manifestation of solidarity, and all — pros, as the most independent and reasonable, should set an example for the whole country. On the other, the government is more afraid of strikes in the factories than in it companies. In addition, the lab actively financial help to the striking workers, and it would be wrong to deprive them of this help. Urged to help the strikers and some it managers, and the investor Mikhail Rumyantsev expressed the opinion that it companies with customers just have to join the strike.

    It’s time to throw?

    After the August events have intensified debates about the departure of specialists from Belarus. Whether you want to “blame”, because the work, when the country is just impossible? Or stay because you have to continue the fight?

    Here are a few remarks users dev.by on this subject:

    • Over the past year I have changed a lot opinion about our people. I sincerely want to live in a free Belarus, and not to be a refugee in Poland, Ukraine or somewhere else (even if it’s good).
    • To leave I do not see sense, regard it as a betrayal of those who remain
    • Leaving abroad, the regime will make a gift. Sit up straight, walk on the weekends. Together we — force!
    • You need to move intelligently with a purpose and to respond to the psychosis of the authorities little sense… Unless there’s a threat of life or safety.

    Anyway, many pros still left the country. No exact figures, but the account is apparently in the thousands.

    Media wrote about:

    • 800 it professionals, who have already used the program to relocate to Poland
    • 1000 it people who moved to Ukraine in October
    • 200-300 professionals that come from Wargaming in Kiev
    • 15 it companies that have moved operations in Latvia (about 1,000 jobs),
    • plans to move to Lithuania from 500 to 2500 employees.

    Question about leaving the country has become an edge when he became aware of the closure of the land borders of Belarus for departure. 15%+ of respondents dev.by it people said that he had left the country or are going to do before the closing of the borders.

    Whether to retrain the security forces?

    Another issue that is not obvious until the hot summer of 2020, disturbed the minds of it people: whether it is necessary to train law enforcers programming? Andrei Yushkevich, a developer and former investigator, launched a project ByChange. According to his idea, to each security officer or employee who wants to change his profession, attached mentor. He prepares to ward the assault it: advises books, courses, helps to behave at the interview.

    The initiative sparked controversy. Claims have been made the following:

    • ethical: these people beat us, and we them — free courses;
    • intellectual: why is it people who know only physical education;
    • essential: artificially invented tendency (the desire of security forces to enter in it), which in fact is not.

    In the end, ByChange expanded its scope of activities. After August, the initiative has already helped not only the security forces, but also all Belarusians who have lost their jobs for political reasons. According to the information on the website ByChange, the pros asked for help about 1,500 people.

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