Disclosed the cost of the new Oculus Quest

Disclosed the cost of the new Oculus Quest

Walmart may have leaked the price of the new Oculus Quest. But speculation around the new VR points continue.


In the online store, American retailer Walmart there were two entries for points VR called “Oculus Point Reyes“.


The first record points to a 64-GB model at a price of $ 299, and the second on the 256 GB model at the price of 399 dollars.


The current Oculus Quest is $ 399 (with 64 gigabytes J. D.) and $ 499 (128 GB Zh. d.).


Since then the records have been deleted, but you can find them in the web archive. The quality of the picture was used Oculus Go.


Walmart кратко перечислил две модели очков виртуальной реальности под названием Oculus Point Reyes.


The second pricing leak


The authenticity of the leak is confirmed by the fact that the same combination of the two models, prices and configurations of memory was released last week from a totally different source.


VR-youtuber Eric for President got screenshots of the two models is unspecified new glasses Oculus 299 and $ 399 with 64 and 256 gigabytes of memory.


Заявки в интернет-магазине предлагают две модели нового Oculus Quest.


Lite or Pro?


If these prices are true and the new Oculus Quest, which was leaked in July, will actually appear this year, Facebook is attacking the market of virtual reality even more. In this case, the entrance to self-contained virtual reality will be possible at the price of $ 300.


About the characteristics of VR points can only guess. It is unlikely that this is technically a stripped-down Oculus Quest Lite. Leakage Bloomberg in may of last year is likely to be closer to the truth: in this case, it is probably a little better and cheaper Oculus Quest’s LCD, not OLED display and less weight.


More expensive model may simply offer more storage space or to act as the Oculus Quest partially Pro with the best specs. On the other hand, nobody expects full-fledged Oculus Quest 2 now and at this price. It is unclear what will happen with the current Oculus Quest: will he continue to be sold or replaced.


Wrong name of the code


Leak Walmart calls new, unknown code name of virtual reality glasses: Point Reyes. Until now, industry experts speculated that new Oculus Quest is a VR glasses codenamed Del Mar, which was leaked in March.


Anyone familiar with Oculus, knows that the prototype points are named after California beaches, coastal towns and villages. Del Mar is a coastal city in California, point Reyes reserve, California.


If the new Oculus Quest is Point Reyes which VR glasses applies Del Mar? Whether Del Mar is simply the name of the project, and Point Reyes means the finished product? Or Del Mar indicates yet unknown VR glasses, maybe Oculus Quest 2 or quest that no one else thought?


To these and other questions will be possible to answer on 16 September on Facebook Connect, where should be presented the new Oculus Quest.



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