Digits of the year. A new tax, expensive PandaDoc, life without the Internet

Цифры года. Новый налог, дорогая PandaDoc, жизнь без интернета

At the end of 2020 is not out to brag raised rounds or thousands of new relocate in the country. It continues to bring foreign currency into the country, but growth is slowing. Impressive and quite different figures.

70 + hours without the Internet

So there was no Network in total from August to end of October, as counted by the Belarusian Observatory of the Internet.

From 9 to 12 August the Internet was disabled for all mobile operators in 31 hours and 45 minutes in total. Then this was repeated during the protests every Sunday on average 4-5 hours.

For 3 months post-election , many Belarusians were completely deprived of mobile Internet at least 71 hours.

A1 believed that in November of subscribers has been hampered access to the mobile Internet in total more than 29 hours. In October, the Internet was missing 20 hours, that is 9 hours less.

1/5 of the total population of Belarus tried vpn Psiphon.

One day without Internet has cost the country $56 million loss (NetBlocks).

150 million URL’s of sites managed security officials to put in the black list thanks to the technology company Sandvine. It is possible to filter up to 40% of all traffic in the country, according to Bloomberg. According to the newspaper, tehnologiju sold through an intermediary in 2019 for $2.5 million. In September, the sort of contract was terminated. As suggested in the company of the Belarusian authorities for some time will remain the ability to filter Internet traffic in the country, but not for long.

Minus us $6.7+ million — loss only on a conditional PandaDoc

Relocation of it-specialists from the country is one of the most discussed topics of the second half of 2020. Considered how much money the country loses, when leaving the lab.

We took for example, PandaDoc, which turns the office in Minsk and terminate employment after employees ended up in jail; Victor Kuvshinov, product Manager PandaDoc, from September 2, behind bars.

$6.7 million per year is grossly underestimated the damage from the departure of the company to 250 employees. Underestimated because we considered only the currency that enters the country on the salaries of employees, if you imagine that they are getting the market average. In 2019, each employee of the companies from the HTP was taken to the country more than $36 thousand. A little more asked the Investigative Committee to the Deposit to unlock the account PandaDoc — 107 thousand rubles.

Colliers International experts felt that the one who left the pros — it’s about minus 2.5 thousand euros per year for office business.

By the way, in August PandaDoc has attracted $30 million in new investment.

And some more numbers

  • 13% — this income tax authorities want to appoint an it specialist, he is now 9%. Representatives inudstry believe that changing the rules means losing reputation and investor confidence forever. But the Ministry of Finance already considers the future of “profit” — 170 million rubles, which will go to war with the infection. The damage is still nobody believes.
  • $60 million and 32 deals — so by belbiz felt the situation with start-UPS in the country, but warned that all the achievements are now under “threat”.
  • A lot of money in this amount assess the deal Wargaming sells Melsoft called hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • 1 million — an audience for the first time gathered the materials and services dev.by this fall.

Успех года. +67% у акций EPAM, бизнесмены года по версии GQ и другие The success of the year. +67% of EPAM shares, business of the year by GQ and others On the topic of the success of the year. +67% of EPAM shares, business of the year by GQ and other Сделка года. Кого (не) покупал EPAM и продавал Wargaming deal of the year. Who (not) bought and sold EPAM Wargaming On the subject transaction of the year. Who (not) bought and sold EPAM Wargaming

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