Digital mass events: we are still Raves on Minecraft and E-sports?

Digital mass events: we are still Raves on Minecraft and E-sports?

With the pandemic, the virtual life came. But what does the Job well, the leisure of boundaries, especially at large events. Even the E-sports and the physical experience, and is also VR is missing concerts show that humans and technology are still so far.

Jackie McGuire and her husband in the spring of 2020 two problems: the Minecraft Server of your son crashes again and again. On the other, they resent the fact that the festival of the summer, they had been happy, falls into the water. The two are in the shower, your “Thinking Place”, so Jackie writes later on Reddit, and brooding. For the Problem with the Server is quickly found a solution: AWS, the Cloud of Amazon, could easily host a Minecraft Server. But for the other Problem, a pandemic is responsible. And since there is no simple solution.

Then an idea comes to the couple: Why the biggest electronic music Festival put in the virtual world of Minecraft, and thanks to AWS for hundreds, thousands of people make it accessible? “The Rest will soon go down in history,” writes Jackie McGuire, full of hope, before the start of the scheduled for July “Rave Family Block Solid”. It should actually be. However, different than you think.

In most Parts of Germany normality with the summer again. After a spring of self-isolation, cafes and pubs, shops and pedestrian streets, beaches, and Hiking trails are filled. Over the time it stays at home, and neither friends nor family visited. But one thing should remain: distance, distance, distance. Mass events in real life as we knew it a year ago, are still unthinkable: no Rock concerts with a Mosh Pit, no Festivals with hundreds of thousands of visitors. The sports world has taken the pandemic, with full force: for the foreseeable future, there will be no full stadiums, the European championship and the Olympic games were postponed by a year.

But, as Jackie McGuire plans as an Alternative to a music festival in Minecraft, so also the traditional sport of the world tries with the transition to Digital. The League was organized by the “Bundesliga Home Challenge” and was a professional footballer, and the professional Gamer in your E-Sports departments Fifa zocken. But how well digital Events, can replace even a classic large-scale events? This does not leave anything on the track, which makes the physical with each other on the festival grounds or in the football stadium unique?

In E-sports, the athletes were able to make seamlessly with your competitions more About League of Legends, the game that has dominated for many years the E-sports. As the extent of the Corona pandemic in February, obviously, is to run the new season just started. Even League-of-Legends-games usually in front of a physically present Live audience played: League games in small Studios with a few hundred spectators, the final games in stadiums with part of about 50,000 people. However, Riot Games, the company behind League of Legends, and was fast mode: quarantine for the professional players in your team’s quarters. No more games in the Studio, but only over the Internet. Surveillance cameras and specially developed Software to prevent fraud.

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