Despite the Corona to Disneyland: a developer attractions to build in VR

Despite the Corona to Disneyland: a developer attractions to build in VR

Despite the Corona to Disneyland: a developer attractions to build in VR

Through VR theme Park visit is on the Sofa at home possible. (Photo: Light Field Studios / Shutterstock)

The Corona pandemic has also amusement parks in the United States in its grip, and family trips are not possible. This brought a VR developer with an idea.

Slowly, the first car of the roller coaster rolls, in the Background, sounding performing fun music, a gate will open and excited voices are heard. And then you go, the wild ride through the colorful Wonderland. On the way, you meet Alice, the Hatter, and even the Queen of hearts. So it should be at least in the normal case, when children with their parents, the Issues of rollercoaster to “Alice in Wonderland” in California’s Disneyland climb. Currently, the sad reality consists of a closed amusement Park and inconsolable children would see their heroes like up close.

VR developer Joe Jet wanted to allow his family nevertheless, a visit to the Disneyland and made the decision to take on an ambitious project. Jets Plan: He wanted to recreate the attractions from the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim true to the original. However, not in the home garden, but in a virtual reality, in order to make the amusement Park from the Sofa to life.

In addition to the “Alice in Wonderland”-roller coaster Jet designed and VR versions of the “Peter Pan” and “snow white”-rides. As a template, Youtube Videos, where the accurate travel history, and the environment were seen to serve him. Using photogrammetry, the developer reconstructed realistic each of these tracks almost photo. One thing Jet to fit, however, Unnecessary curves and slopes, he straightened, the Motion to counteract Sickness.

Alternative for the real visit to the Park?

Jet itself can’t understand why Disney hasn’t come a long time ago even the idea of something like this for the days of the pandemic to offer. “I don’t understand why Disney duplicated with all of these resources and the direct access to the rides, the attractions in VR. This would be a preservative and a paid offer for those who can’t afford the visit to the Park,“ says the developer Mixed. Disney itself, however, will be more interested to attract as many visitors as possible in the Parks and keep them with virtual ones Offered in your own four walls.

Available Jet has three virtual roller coaster ride on its own Website and offers you to Download for free.

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