Despatch: Entity Astray — a new quest for PC VR

Despatch: Entity Astray — a new quest for PC VR

Imagine that you Wake up in a unknown environment. Dark. You have no idea where and who you are. Somewhere in the room, only a small flashing warning light. It seems that something is wrong. The room filled with strange sound effects. Start your adventure right now and fill them with light the unknown darkness. Discover an unfamiliar environment, explore the surrounding mechanics and find out who you are, to avoid the deadly scenario.



“despatch: Entity Astray” is a combination of sci-Fi adventure and experimental quests. AA impressive graphics, detailed environments, futuristic effects and elaborate level design make the “despatch” unforgettable gameplay. VR-title designed and optimized for virtual reality, creates a positive impression of the dive. Fully entering the dystopian situation, you merge with the essence of the main character.

Several approaches to narrative and the surrounding world make the gameplay even more diverse.


The game is available on Steam for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Valve Index.


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