"Demokratyzujemy the market of Internet marketing"

You have decided to enter the market of Internet marketing where the cards are dealt known players. What led to believe in Your success?

Vytautas Paukštys: Eskimi offers not only great technology, but also exceptional customer support. It really helps to stand out from the competition and win customers. We have a wide range of services and modular approach to production. If the client uses the platform ” programmatic can use our product in the range of geolocation or footfallu, or from the experience of our creative team.

Egle Ribaciauskaite: Eskimi is first and foremost a strong and competitive product, which is already based on other European markets. Therefore, the expansion into new markets has been well thought out, planned decision.

What was Your strategy? How to prepare for the launch of the platform?

V: We started with a pre-makroplanowania, market research, key customers, competition, and services. Entering new markets, we are talking first with some customers, we really appreciate their feedback, because it allows us to assess how we are ready for further expansion, and what still needs to improve. After making a preliminary decision, we concentrate on the entrance to the B2B market with a specialized sales team.

E: Eskimi team carefully plans expansion into new markets, Vytautasa given these factors and the continuing development of the product so that it met the needs of the market, but also focus on security and data privacy regulations.

What attracts customers to Your platform? What is the distinguishing feature of Your proposal?

V: I think clients appreciate our custom approach to the service because every customer has the ability to use certain modules, it is simply necessary in the campaign. Clients from FMCG industry can use our wysokozasięgowych, additional functions, frequency capping, and rich media. In turn, companies from the Telecom industry are, for example, DMP, i.e. platform for data management. Companies operating in the retail trade use platforms, geolocation and footfallu. This, of course, complicated processes, so the priority for us is customer support. We have a team of business development, group account management, team development and creative teams to service ads that are willing to help, to educate clients and help them often challenging adventure with the semi-programmatic platforms.

E: For customers, of course, a big convenience is that Eskimi have a unique set of proposals online marketing under one umbrella. Here we have data for targeting, insightów and segmentation (on the basis of the data management platform Eskimi), for example, a geofence audiences, targeted ads on classes, socio-economic, unique segments, service providers etc. There are also statistics and audience dashboardy telecommunications market. Another problem are creative solutions and solutions in digital ads, such as campaign monitor customer records (footfall tracking), dynamic advertising campaign that the video platform. First, however, in Eskimi we are focused on customer service in the field of design, advertising, account management and quick problem solving. Our customers appreciate responsibly and immediate action when there is a complicated or require further clarification question.

Or pokusilibyście on the assertion that democratises Eskimi market Internet marketing?

V: I would say that from the point of view digitalu, programmatic and acquisition of the media on the audience – Yes. We also do this through investment in education. We provide certification for those who need it. Certyfikujemy Agency to have the possibility of buying media platform ” programmatic. By doing this, we open some barriers in the industry. We show that programmatic campaigns for everyone from small businesses to large corporations.

How important is transparency in Your work?

V: This market is very important as transparency in the actions, as in the proof of the costs incurred for Internet campaigns. Programmatic services are, unfortunately, a bad reputation due to the high cost and low level of transparency. We try to act differently and to solve both of these problems. We have created a deal ” full stack, i.e. one in which the client should not pay for security brand, counter-fraud services ads, rich media service or information from our DMP. We offer you a solution in packet data which helps its clients to make decisions and ensure a transparent operating model. If customer need third party tools to check, they are also available but for an additional fee.

E: Transparency is a core value in our business. Helps to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients.

Or the principle of transparency also affects the inner workings of the company? How do You build a team of engaged professionals?

V: Definitely Yes. Our team is the main thing-openness and transparency. Share our goals, we are talking openly about areas for improvement. I believe that this is the only path to development.

E: In the construction and management of a global multicultural team of openness, trust and transparency are the main factors spajającymi of all its members.

How do you manage your work environment having a large team working with so many different markets?
How zarządzacie work of a large team of sclerosis around the world?

V: Our structure is built on a regional groups managed team-leaders who care about getting the whole team involved. We also try to spend a lot of time together on daily meetings, weekly conversations with all teams sessions brainstormingowych or virtual, evening meetings in a more relaxed atmosphere.

E: You are also advised workers to self-organization, and we give them the opportunity of implementing own ideas and achieve goals. Builds high motivation and honesty in our team.

Can the pandemic changed something in Your company? As you approach remote work and issues related to motivation and docenianiem employees?

V: A few months ago we announced the introduction of the policy, “Work From Anywhere”. It was our long-term dream, and pandemic (with all the negative things that have brought) allowed us to implement this strategy, and has only accelerated these changes. We’re talking via instant messaging, customers are accustomed to this way of working and it gives us as a team more flexibility. We noticed that no matter where we work, and, on the contrary, we can be more productive in our own environment. Sometimes we meet in the office, but in General, for us it does not matter whether you work in the office, at home, on the beach, in Africa or in the forest in South America.

At the end tell us about Your plans related to the Polish market programmatic.

V: Poland is very important for us market. We want to bring the same high level of service connection associated with a unique approach in the industry, which already distinguishes us and in other countries. We hope that soon we will get the trust of the brands and simplify the way life marketerom, sharing with them a part of a complex task, taking on the responsibilities related to the administration of creative or media scheduling. From the beginning we do this by adapting to the needs of each client.

E: The Polish market is certainly Eskimi one of the most important markets in the region.

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