December programmers ' day. The first edition of code Europe is coming next week !!!
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    • December programmers ' day. The first edition of code Europe is coming next week !!!

    December programmers ' day. The first edition of code Europe is coming next week !!!

    During the largest software conference in Poland, world leaders of the IT industry will talk about Java, HoloLens, or security. In addition to the lecture, each participant will have the opportunity to test innovative devices and personally talk with experts who create new technologies.

    First edition Code Europe, the largest software conference in Poland, will bring together 10 thousand participants. They will participate in 100 workshops and lectures 70 world-renowned speakers. There are among them: Douglas Crockford, Fahim Kawsaris Josh Sawyer. What makes experts from all over the world appear in Krakow and Warsaw next week?

    – Poland is known for training very talented professionals in the field of technology. Programming conferences are a great opportunity to meet directly with young, bright minds who will shape the future of the IT industry. I couldn’t miss the chance to exchange ideas with them, ” he says Allen O’neill, Consulting Engineer at IdeaShelf and member of the British Computer Society, who during Code Europe story m.in. about how to build your own robot.

    First, the content

    Organisers Code Europe they made sure that the agenda was best suited to the skills and preferences of the thematic participants. That is why the lectures and workshops cover topics of up to 30 technologies. Java is one of them. According to the HackerRank ranking, poles are the best at programming in this language in the world. About how to create large, competitive services and Applications Using Java during your talk “Spotify-music streaming at scale” story Niklas Gustavvson. Spotify’s chief engineer, responsible for audio playback and content delivery, will provide the hundreds of backend components that make up the most popular music service today. About the latest features Phenomena 8 they will also tell Sven Ruppert i Marchwicki Cuba.

    The year 2016 has already been called the most dangerous in the history of cyberspace, so the topic Security it is an increasingly discussed topic of programming conferences. During Code Europe Zakaria Rachid, Security consultant at Sogeti esec, will talk about the dangers of touchscreens. He will also give a lecture “The Zed Attack Proxy”, dedicated to the most active application source of security tools. It fights against annoying ads that often collect sensitive data and infect our computers.




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