Cyberpunk visions of the future: What has proved to be true?

Cyberpunk visions of the future: What has proved to be true?

The human self optimizes, high-tech implants, while the States in which he lives, break – and in the chronic rain, the neon flickers of light: Such gloomy vision of the future describes the Genre of Cyberpunk.

It is Science Fiction in the eighties, on the ground of the facts. In the Cyberpunk future scenarios, but he was neither playful Utopia as “Star Trek” is still an escapist space fairy tales such as “Star Wars humanist”. Cyberpunk was a look in the near future, and did not look rosy. More concrete than the Rest of the Science Fiction warned Cyberpunk in front of it, If the technology changes and the company does not, we have a Problem.

The name was originally used for texts of William Gibson and Rudy Rucker. But the label had also established itself soon for films such as “Blade Runner” (1982), the television series “Max Headroom” (1984) or the Manga “Akira” (1982).

2017 is not just the Aesthetics of the eighties, for many Genre Fans, it feels as if the dystopia Cyberpunk has become a reality. You have to be right? And what does that mean for us?

Everything is hackable, because everything is interconnected

Technical progress has not brought in the vision of the future Cyberpunk prosperity for all, but the Power and influence of the elites and corporations strengthened. Governments Kow-towing to multi-national conglomerates. A world-wide computer network exists as a virtual reality. Hackers don’t just sit in front of screens, but have Hardware implants in the head, with the help of which you enter the World Wide Web in the form of digital avatars. Everything is hackable, because everything is connected. Privacy and protection Monitoring are a thing of the past, in the worst case, illegal.

The Cyberpunk-day life is bleak. Armed Gangs or private, mostly corrupt security firms dominate the streets. Those who can afford it, has improved the own body with Cyberware, cybernetic implants. Who can afford no cyberware or no Updates, belongs to the old iron. And if you want to believe the classic “Blade Runner”, it rains constantly.

Avatars in the virtual space a reality

The global computer network is at least become true. The Internet, however, is largely two – dimensional even. The major breakthrough in the Virtual Reality (VR) is expected since the eighties feverishly and is now in fact.

Currently Vive, Oculus Rift and Playstation VR with the HTC the first mass-market Generation of VR Headsets in the trade. With such a pair of glasses on the head, users can already move in virtual spaces and, for example, in Chat App “Altspace VR” in those rooms to other users avatars to meet and interact with them. In everyday life, the technology has not arrived still: There staring at the contents of the screen in front of us.

The amount of data that can be generated for each of the Internet users today, and to which he has access, however, has blown up a long time ago, the standards, in which the protagonist of the Cyberpunk genre thought earlier. So Mnemonic” (1995) 320 Gigabyte threatened in the movie “Johnny on the information, the head of Keanu Reeves as to blast data courier. The today is something drastically commercially available hard drives offer more space.

However, it is also not possible to save data directly in the brain. But a small scene from Body-hackers is now trying for a long time, the physical abilities of the people by selectively Install to extend technology. The human being as a precursor to Cyborg? This Cyberpunk Vision is no longer acts in the face of people with implanted RFID Chips, magnets or even headphones, completely unrealistic.

First Brain-Computer Interfaces allow in the medical field, in addition, patients with Locked-in syndrome, who are paralyzed consciousness, but physically, almost completely rudimentary communication. But still cyberware is not an everyday accessory that would be for the majority of the population.

Mega-corporations are more powerful than States

Cyberpunk stories sketch but often not just a technical Trends, but also future developments in society. The world of the future mega-corporations are not bound to any laws of control. States and governments have lost their Power and importance. For the authors of the Cyberpunk is the consistent further development of Thatcherism and Reaganomics. The terms refer to the economic policies of the United Kingdom or the United States under Margaret Thatcher and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan.

In fact grown since that time, the number of companies that are richer than countries. And legally have gained commercial influence. In particular, in the case of the Anti-TTIP protests was made aware of the fact that the agreement is intended to give international companies a special right of action against States. Similar arbitration tribunals, but longer, so the process of Vattenfall V. Germany is currently in due to the nuclear phase-out in front of a Tribunal of the International centre for settlement of investment disputes.

And even if Donald Trump promises to defend America’s economy against international Multinationals, is one of the goals of his chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, the reduction of the administrative state. At the same time Denmark is an Ambassador for digitisation, to maintain the contacts of the country’s Technology giants. Politically, the full Cyberpunk-Level is not reached yet, in many Places up-to-date, but evidently ideas buoyancy, which are so similar has also been recorded in the Genre, even then.

30 years of dystopia and still nothing learned

Many Science Fiction authors demonstrated in their works, remarkable vision, and described a future world, which is at least in Parts, decades later, a reality. The protagonist of the Cyberpunk genre are no exception. We suggest that in the rain, drowning Los Angeles in “Blade Runner” as a Symbol for the present-day Climate conditions and climate change, was wrong with the Cyberpunk even with his visions in terms of weather, not quite.

For over 30 years, including books, serials, movies, and games of the genre, the effects of digitization, social division, privatization, and total surveillance around the ears for a ride and had with your predictions are always right. The awareness of these problems may be grown as a result. Your behavior does not want to change a lot of users but still.

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