Conference "Amazon Day by NextM" June 17 plan

The e-commerce market in Poland is growing at a double-digit rate-in 2020 the e-commerce market grew by as much as 35%, reaching a value of PLN 100 billion. The forecasts for the coming years, although not as spectacular, are still significant-experts predict an average annual growth of 12%.

Recent months have shown us that the e-commerce market is still not saturated-the dynamic expansion of Amazon in central and eastern Europe and its entry into various local markets are definitely one of the most important events in the trade market, which can change the landscape of both the e-commerce industry, as well as marketing and advertising.  With experience, proven customer service processes, advanced promotional tools on the platform, as well as huge investment resources, Amazon has a real chance to change the status quo of the e-commerce industry. The entry of a new player also means new opportunities for promotion and advertising.

In response to the changes taking place in the market of online commerce, as well as marketing and advertising, GroupM is organizing an online conference “Amazon day by nextm”, which will be held on June 17 this year from 10:00 to 13:00.

Together with GroupM experts, we will answer the most pressing questions and address key issues for marketers:

* is Amazon for everyone and when is it worth being present on the platform,
• how the Amazon platform works,
• how to conduct effective sales,
* how to create a presence strategy on sales platforms?

Registration for” Amazon day by nextm ” is now open.
Participation in the conference is free of charge.

The event was accredited by dimaq. Certificate holders may receive 20 recertification points per participation. Dimaq is an international program for verification and certification of digital marketing competencies. More information here.

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