Competence on the Polish labor market of IT – research status and trends

Competence on the Polish labor market of IT – research status and trends

We invite you to the conference “Competence on the Polish labor market of IT – research status and trends”. One of the speakers will CTO programmer with 10 years experience – Adam Kukołowicz.

The conference is organized by the Industry Council for Competence – Informatics. With multiple points of view, we tried to look at the panorama of the Polish labour market IT. Your thoughts will share the experts of the Council and representatives of enterprises and institutions, specializing in the analysis of trends in the labor market of it: scientific societies, professional associations, businesses, educational, social and funds IT related activities for the benefit of digitization. They will try to give exhaustive answers to questions like:

  • How long will last this growing trend of interest in the work of it professionals?
  • Will it be possible to fully saturate the market with the necessary expertise?
  • How will the structure of employment in the labour market, the IT sector?
  • What skills, qualifications and competencies are most in demand by employers?
  • How much of the Polish system of education and training, information and would be able to meet current and future needs of the labour market?
  • What are the trends and directions of development of civilization would have the most significant influence on the shape of the labour market in the future?

Adam Kukołowicz – programmer with 10 years experience, prefer the interface (mostly ruby), but in his career he (HTML / CSS, JavaScript) and mobile applications. Like to optimize regardless of whether this means refaktoryzację code that it was cleaner, brighter, better designed and easier to work, and finding and working with a narrow gardłami performance. Co-founder of the portal for IT professionals The author and editor of the blog IT Bulldogjob.

The topic of the lecture will be Adam the results of a Study of the community it vs 2021. the needs of enterprises in the industry. Report on the sample of more than 6 thousand. of the respondents is the latest and most detailed available source of data about the it industry. Allows wysnucie many interesting findings related to motivation, competence, skills, used tools, wage expectations of the employer and the environment. The analysis of this report is very helpful in projects designed to match the professional competence to meet the needs of the labour market IT.

Partner scientific conference, specializing, in particular, in studies of the digital economy (Digital Economy Lab (DELab UW) is an interdisciplinary team of scientists working at the University of Warsaw.

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