COBOL evolving! We run it in the cloud

COBOL evolving! We run it in the cloud

IBM, one of the largest American it companies, announced the rise of a COBOL compiler that was used to create the application on Linux running on x86. On the company’s website we can read that the new compiler provides options for creating COBOL and previously mentioned in a linux environment and he is the last member of the family of all the compilers for this language, created by IBM, to which belong, in particular, Enterprise COBOL for z/OS COBOL for AIX.

The construction of such a compiler also creates the startup parameters of the application COBOL and hybrid cloud, which is currently interested in IBM. This just might be one of the reasons for the creation of this compiler. IBM also says here that this decision is part of the IBM CICS TX on Cloud 11 that allows the deployment of COBOL applications to the cloud.

What COBOL for Linux on x86

IBM describes its new product as a powerful and productive environment for the creation, development and modernization of applications COBOL and. The new facility contains an optimized compiler and a starter library written in this programming language. Its performance and programmability allow you to develop business applications in COBOL-a for Linux running on x86 systems.

However, IBM adds that the new tool gives organizations the ability to re-transition to IBM, if increased requirements related to the performance and processing abilities. The new compiler also allows you to share business logic and data with CICS Transaction Server for z/OS. Here we are talking about probably is not to throw out the computer’s that are very expensive.

Here it is also worth noting that the new proposal would require the IBM version of RHEL 7.8 or higher, or Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS, 18.04 LTS or later. To run the compiler, you will need to have at least 250 MB of free space to store packages for the products.

The features of the new compiler

New compiler for Linux running on x86 added many features and new features. One of them is the previously mentioned optimized compiler and library). We also have compatibility with the IBM TXSeries for Multiplatforms IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows.

IBM also mentions about Unicode support, so you can use the app COBOL and for direct processing Unicode data. We also have built-in support for XML, which is allowed applications COBOL processing incoming and generating outgoing messages in XML format.

Full list of capabilities of the new compiler, you’ll find here.

What is actually COBOL

COBOL, that is, Common Business-Oriented Language, this is a compiled programming language that has been designed in such a way that it was similar to the English language. It was thus made to make the code easy to read, and the language was simple in the documentation. The concept of the language has appeared in 1958, and its first implementation was created in 1961.

Himself COBOL was designed specifically for creating business applications. Programs written in this language are used in government agencies, and businesses around the world, running on operating systems such as Windows and Unix.

Read more about COBOL-u, you’ll learn by clicking here and here.


COBOL was one of the first programming languages that were created in the digital age. All the time it is used in business applications. Creating a compiler that allows you to run COBOL applications-in the cloud, can attest to the fact that we cannot get rid of the applications written in COBOL from for years to come.

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