Chat in 3D: Facebook brings Messenger on the Oculus platform

The Facebook Messenger in the VR environment, the Oculus Quest. (Screenshot: Facebook)

With the Update to Version 25 for the Oculus Quest users can chat via Facebook Messenger, and Headset. Private Party-invitations to also make use of Multiplayer Games more intuitively.

The Integration of Facebook messenger in the Software for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 allows VR-glasses-makers, to chat with friends on any devices, unless these devices can run the Messenger. A prerequisite for the Quest user that you are logged in with a Facebook Account. Facebook seems to look at the Messenger as an Incentive to convince the users may be, from Oculus to go to the Facebook Account.


Facebook Messenger is integrated as a VR App

As Facebook explained in a blog post, the Quest users will be able to send messages with the virtual Keyboard or using the dictation function. Also pre-made blocks of text to give it.

In addition, users of private invitations to send to the so-called Oculus parties. To facilitate the participants in the Onboarding process in real-time Multiplayer Games. The Update to Version 25 is to be rolled out starting this week. As always, the distribution is done in waves. It may take a couple of weeks, until all devices are updated.

Oculus chat Messenger continues to exist

Speaking of Incentive: The Oculus chat Messenger that belongs to the platform, will continue to work, but can – be – only to communicate with people from the Oculus friends list. Who’s ready to open up, gets communication access in all the world.

Facebook promises, however, that the Facebook Messenger no Changes to the personal Oculus Account result. All privacy settings are to remain unaffected.

The new App Lab. (Screenshot: Facebook)


New App Lab brings VR-Apps outside of the store on the Quest

Developers will enjoy the new App Lab, which will allow you to get your VR Apps outside of the official Oculus store on the Quest. The went so far as well, but only via Sideload. Now, Facebook is bringing an official and easy way to serve developers as an additional distribution opportunity.

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