Chambord: the Tablet through the French castle

Chambord: the Tablet through the French castle

For longer stays, it was unsuitable as a residence it was good, for a seat of government, it was in the wrong place: The Loire Chambord castle should be, especially of: a giant, carved in stone-Demonstration of Power.

Francis I ordered the construction of 1519, four years after his victory over the confederates at the battle of Marignano in Lombardy, he consolidated his rule and his reputation as a courageous rider king.

“Created a plant that symbolizes like no other the ideas of the Renaissance – the man in the center of the civilization,” says Jean d’house sonville. The Director-General of the national domain of the estate is proud to support a historical Monument that has stood the test of time almost intact.

However, as the castle to the times of Francis I looked? How were the three dozen apartments, such as the bedroom, the Mona was furnished monarch, which carpets adorned the walls, which stand on dressers and chests?

Old halls in their original condition

The answer Bruno de Sa Moreira and Edouard Lussan: When you look at your so-called Histopad – a simple, Tablet-PC – appear in the halls and halls of Chambord in the original condition of the 16th century. Century. Books and a Cup are available on a wide wooden table, in a fireplace fire crackles, and through the open window, the barking of dogs and the horse is listen to the patter to. “A journey through time, to Franz I.” promises de Sa Moreira, “and authentic to the smallest Detail.”

De Sa Moreira, a former Director of a publishing house, founded in 2011 with the author and Director Lussan, the company Histovery, specializing in the digital reconstruction of historical places.

Behind projects such as the one in Chambord elaborate, months-long work of plugged in: archives of libraries and museums were visited, a Histovery employee evaluated exhibition catalogues and art publications, to design on the basis of engravings, plans, and images of an imaginary inventory of the castle of Chambord.

Weapons chest in 3D

The technicians of the company – engineers, designers, and art historians, with the support of hundreds of Web designers in Germany, Canada and Spain – to create from these historic guidelines on-screen 3D objects.

A Designer by the name of Leo is working on two monitors: On the one hand, a weapons chest of 16. Century illustrated, on the other hand, he designs the accurate digital replica drawer with powder, ammunition, and charging devices, including.

Before the furniture will be placed in the virtual halls, examines the scientific Advisory Board of Chambord, the authenticity of the objects. The six members of the round, including the renowned art historian Thierry Crépin-Leblond, and the Renaissance expert, Monique Chatenet, meets once a week The experts verify each object chests, weapons, and Laundry tub, as well as tapestries, wardrobe or gold jewelry.

The environment was modeled on

The result is impressive: As, where, later, for better heating between walls and tiled stoves set were drawn, bar shows the virtual view large halls with painted ceiling, ornate floors and tapestries. Even the direct surroundings of Chambord is simulated: Who is his Tablet on a window, the meandering loops of the Cosson – a river that was later channeled.

The digital view, as chief curator Luc Forlivesi, also shows how the Monarch of the castle and the Park of 5440 acres to live, periods used: for representation, and on the other as a hunting Palace. A convoy of up to 3000 staff was on the road, when the king took to big celebrations or parties, kitchen staff, servants, and furniture traveled. On the Histopad dismountable chests, bedsteads, Laundry, dishes, and table are visible jewelry.

The multilingual electronic guide in Chambord from the beginning of June available, but it can do even more: When zooming in on images, mugs or books brief explanations on diving, visitors can immerse themselves through additional entries in the biographies, or even literature, recommendations queries.

A treasure hunt for children

Although the Histopad is touted as “an interactive, educational and fun experience for the whole family,” see Jean d’house sonville more than an “electronic Gadget”: “We have tried to optically precise recovery, scientific and art-historically informed,” he says.

As a concession to the young visitors, there is also a treasure. Who is the visit to the castle digital hid gold coins, you will be rewarded at the end with a gift – that is, of course, not virtual, but real and tangible.

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