Camera for Head-turning

Camera for Head-turning

A little bit of the Gear 360 reminds me of the oil Tank, and my parents at the time, in the garden bury leave. “I am 2 oil Tanks” – size on the yellow ball. Just as you might write to the Gear 360: “I am two of the cameras”.

Back-to-back built the two photo-sensors in the ball-and-round housing. Both are equipped with extreme wide-angle lenses, which cover an angle of view of 180 degrees.

The technical data are impressive: Each of the two cameras records a 15-Megapixel, connected together, you can make recordings with up to 7776 x 3888 pixels and 30 megapixels. Panoramic video can be captured with up to 3840 x 1920 pixels at 30 frames per second.

Complicated, the Gear 360 is not yet. All the basic functions of the camera access. On a tiny Display, you can switch between photo, Video, time-lapse and video loop mode and the main options can be set. On top of the camera with a manual shutter release button. In combination with the self-timer with good photos. What goes beyond that, do you prefer using an App from the phone. More on that later.

Arm or Arm off?

As seamless as Samsung, it promises to be, not the all-Around photos and Videos, unfortunately. Our test shots show there is a clear seam where the two images overlap. Depending on the image that falls more or less.

You can see blue sky or a troubled sea, these errors relate to. The Arm of a Person but cut off from the Software that interferes with the very. When you Export the Videos to YouTube, the image quality suffers, unfortunately, considerably.

The quality of the photos and Videos is otherwise good-better than the LG 360 Cam. Especially if you used only one of the two cameras to take a picture of a wide-angle photo, the results are often very beautiful pictures. But also in the strobe mode and the films you can be pleased with the results. Just an ordinary image stabilizer is missing.

Prefer using a tripod, filming and photography

The camera can be used universally. Is supplied to the Gear 360 with a screw-on handle, you can fold up the tripod (see photo). In many situations, that’s enough to put the camera on a table, a pillar, or other location.

To hold the camera with the grip in the Hand, only rarely, because it would always end the film with a 360-degree image. Better, they are screwed to a tripod, for the at the bottom of a thread is available.

Patience is required

In such a design, one controls the Gear 360 from your phone with the Samsung Gear 360 App. Provides functions similar to traditional photo Apps, only on the new Samsung camera cut. Just like the camera itself, you can switch between the different modes. The operation of the App is easy to use. Who has been photographed with a cell phone, is not so clear immediately. The contact with the camera keeps the App via Bluetooth.

Through the App, the recordings can also be made from the memory of the camera in the smartphone memory transfer. For longer Videos, this can take a while. A Five-minute Clip in medium resolution needed for a good quarter of an hour to get to and from device to device.

Mega-slideshow in the VR-glasses

But this way is, unfortunately, essential if you want his recordings on the mobile screen or even in a Gear VR-glasses to view. The latter is a very impressive variant. The own panoramic photos and movies to the VR glasses, to look at, feels almost as if you are back on the scene.

Subjects, which we presented these shots by glasses, responded mostly with a lot of Oohs and Ahs at the unfamiliar viewer’s perspective. Unlike regular images, you tend to take 360-degree shots again and again to look at because it is believed to still be more Details to discover. Sometimes this is true, but not always.


If you have now found Favor in the Gear 360, do not rejoice too early. Because the two limiting factors of the new all-round camera that I haven’t mentioned. Firstly, there is the control App for only a few Samsung-Galaxy-Smartphones. On the other, it is 349 euros just a driving article, you submit just before the supermarket checkout in the shopping cart.

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