Bus trip to Mars in advertising Lockheed Martin (video)

This is what a group of students from one of the schools in Washington state did not expect. They were convinced that the school bus would take them to the local science festival. Meanwhile, they took a completely different journey.

At first, nothing foreshadowed a surprise-the bus calmly traversed the streets of the city. At some point, however, all its windows turned black, so that after a while appeared behind them completely different from the urban landscape – the image of the surface of Mars. Before the eyes of surprised and fascinated children, the real landscape of the red planet, displayed in VR technology, shifted into an illusion, and children could feel themselves as real pioneers traversing Mars.

The whole action was presented in a specially prepared spot. The virtual tour was part of a campaign prepared by Lockheed Martin in cooperation with the agency McCann. The American aerospace giant wants to convince young people to choose in the future a career as an engineer and science in science and technology (STEM-science, technology, engineering and mathematics).


The technical and visual side of the virtual trip to Mars was taken care of by Framestore, which has on its account m.in. special effects in the films “The Martian” and “gravity”. For the action in VR technology recreated in detail CA. 200 square miles of Mars.

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