Breakroom is the app to collaborate and stay in VR

Breakroom is the app to collaborate and stay in VR

Breakroom wants to keep the social component of the workplace at times when the offices are closed.


The London company Sine Wave Entertainment is developing a second clone Sinespace, which also supports virtual reality. After the spread of the coronavirus worldwide, the company changed its direction.


The result was the Breakroom app, designed to work together in the distance. In addition to all the common points of VR, the app also supports devices PC, Mac and Android.


Feature Breakroom is that, in addition to video conferencing, instant messaging, meeting rooms and collaboration tools in digital format, it also offers a social room where employees can meet, chat and spend time with each other.



Workplace as a social space


The developers see this social component as an important component of the real workplace, which should not be missed during the isolation. That’s why in the rest room are games, live events and a meeting place in a relaxing atmosphere.


“You can communicate with someone without a formal meeting. These chance encounters are important for the culture and people’s understanding of who they are. The videoconferencing system was not designed for that experience, ” said Venturebeat CEO Rohan Freeman.


Breakroom is available for download on the official website. Entrepreneurs and managers can request a preliminary demo. Monthly license for 50 users costs $ 500. Registered charities pay half the schools are free to use it.


Sine Wave Entertainment is based in London and employs 30 people. Previously, it was engaged in software development for IBM, the U.S. Department of defense, NATO, and numerous universities and private companies.



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