Bigscreen: the new interface, the drive-in theater and much more

Bigscreen: the new interface, the drive-in theater and much more

Bigscreen is the Christmas update and provides users the long-awaited environment for watching movies.

The drive-in is now available for users of Quest and PC VR, the trailer (see below, from 1:30) shows the new environment.

Social VR application also changed their user interfaces. Now users can immediately see all offers Bigscreen from the point of view of functions:

  • Windows desktop: access your desktop in virtual reality.

  • Video player: play video files on your computer or Oculus Quest via DLNA or locally.

  • Movies: rents 3D movies.

  • TV channels: watch live broadcasts, such as Youtube and Twitch.

  • Public facilities: meet with different people in virtual environments.

  • Private rooms: hanging out with friends in a virtual environment.

Users can now scroll through a menu and easier to find interesting content. Added a new Bigscreen TV show and the category TV, which offers live broadcasts of launches.

A lot of innovations planned for 2021

So far only eight people could be in the lobby at the same time, they are now 12. Next year Bigscreen wants to increase the limit for private rooms: they must be space for up to 50 users.

The company reminds users that Go Oculus is no longer supported. Because Facebook refused to virtual reality goggles, also no longer and servers will be disconnected in the next few weeks.

In 2021 Bigscreen promises, among other things, the new avatars and environments, and improvements in streaming video and remote desktop. It is also planned to port to the PlayStation and Mac, but it is planned for a later date.

Because of the pandemic, the negotiations with the studios dragged on, writes Bigscreen. The team is working hard to license new 3D movies in European countries.


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