Best VR Movies You Must See

Best VR Movies You Must See

There is already enough entertainment video content for virtual reality, but this does not mean that all of it is worthy of attention. As in ordinary cinema, here you need a good “sieve”, with which you first need to sift out the “husk” and separate the wheat from the chaff. Fortunately, I did it for you. So put on your VR headsets and enjoy your viewing!

It is worth remembering that most VR films are short-length films. Due to the novelty of the technology, eminent directors are “embarrassed” to shoot full-fledged films, so the viewers are still forced to be content with what they have.


If you want to tickle your nerves then IT: FlOAT is the best option for this. The VR film will introduce you to the underground abode of the monstrous clown Pennywise, the famous viewer from the film “It”.

Walk along the sewers to the laughter of this embodiment of evil, “rejoice” in the red balloons and do not forget that Pennywise can be anywhere: even behind you.

Dear Angelica

This is not really a film, but rather a graphic sketch about a lonely girl. She writes a letter to her deceased mother, in which she admits that she misses her. The heroine’s mother was an actress, so in the course of the action there will be scenes with images of films where she was filmed, disturbed only by the girl’s voiceover. Beautiful, touching and extraordinary.

The invisible man

A short story of drug dealers Nick and Kid who owe “something” to the local Boss. And when the three of them gathered together, they spend their time “nicely” talking and playing Russian roulette. Which of them will survive and how will it end? You will know the answer to this question only after watching.

My brother’s keeper

The short film complements the plot of “Mercy Street” – a drama about the American Civil War. In My Brother’s Keeper, you will see the story of two brothers on opposite sides of the “barricades”. They will meet on the battlefield: what will come of it, you must find out.

The conjuring 2

Another short film that expands and complements the existing feature film “The Conjuring 2”. The viewer will have to visit Anfield and walk around an unusual house. Eerie atmosphere, music that makes your heart beat faster and, of course, ghosts – it’s better not for the faint of heart to watch this.

Notes on Blindness

Seeing the world through the eyes of a person who has lost sight and feeling what it is like to be blind – Notes on Blindness is a truly unique experience. John Hull, an author from Australia, lost his sight in the early 1980s and after that he wrote notes describing his state and perception of the world. These recordings formed the basis of the film.


An interesting VR film that will show viewers the history of the creation of cinematography from its inception to the present day. The presentation of the material is very unusual – take a look and see for yourself!

Heroes of night and tragic

A unique piece of art that differs from anything you’ve seen before. Once inside the shoebox, you will observe various events that unfold on one or the other of its walls. Very, very unusual.

360 Journeys: Life Along the Ganges River

© Littlstar
© Littlstar

You can get acquainted with the sacred river Ganges with the help of this short film. Moreover, the viewer will see not only the water surface, but also the inhabitants of the villages (their way of life) located on its banks. This is also not only entertaining, but also educational video.

STAR WARS 360 VR – Hunting of the Fallen

A fan-made VR movie based on the cult Star Wars movie. Moreover, it is done professionally and very well. The action takes place in deep space aboard one of the Empire’s ships. The viewer will meet with Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and other familiar characters. Lightsaber battles and other spectacles are provided for you.

The click effect

© Within
© Within

The Click Effect will help you feel like a diver and dive to the seabed. This film will show you not only the ocean beauties, but also tell you how whales and dolphins communicate.

The displaced

A heartfelt documentary in virtual reality, telling about the fate and misadventures of three children who lost everything they had due to the war. Returning from the refugee camps to their homes, they saw disappointing pictures of their new harsh reality.

Bashir’s dream

A sad documentary short in which a teenager Bashir Masaam from Jordan talks about how he was injured and confined to a wheelchair. The boy’s past, a sniper’s shot, disability, present, dreams and future – all this is harmoniously intertwined in Bashir’s Dream.

Journey to the edge of space

Few of us have flown in a hot air balloon. Journey to the Edge of Space is an immersive VR experience that allows you to ascend from earth to sky and find yourself practically in outer space.

Ashes To Ashes

A surrealistic tragicomedy that will show the viewer the intricacies of the life of one dysfunctional family in 11 minutes.

Ashes To Ashes is a VR cinema that never ceases to amaze. First, we will follow what is happening through the eyes of the long-dead grandfather of this family. Secondly, each character here lives in his own little world. This means that the scenery will be unusual and they will change very often.

The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes

The film tells about the work of rangers from the Garamba National Park, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These brave people save wild elephants from complete extermination, often risking their lives during clashes with poachers.

Valen’s reef

Dive with Ronald Mambrasar and his son Valen in crystal clear waters teeming with marine life of all shapes and sizes. As a result of human activity, the reef mentioned in the title of the film was practically destroyed, but the local community managed to stop the process of destruction and restore this incredibly picturesque place. Incredibly beautiful and educational VR movie.

Lincoln in the bardo

A film based on the novel of the same name by Georges Sounder. Wandering around the cemetery of Georgetown as the famous American president and chatting with its ghostly inhabitants is a very interesting idea. Moreover, this is not a horror film and no one will scare you with screamers.

Waves of Grace

year 2013. Ebola is raging in West Africa. The main character, a girl named Decontree Davis, who has an innate immunity to the disease, helps orphaned children. In Waves of Grace, questions of Vera are also raised – after all, it is on her that the girl’s bright desire to help the suffering is based.

The Nepal Quake Project

The film follows the events following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal, which left hundreds of people dead and many missing. The authors of the project will allow you to visit the place of destruction and see this “hell” with your own eyes.


Virtual reality inside virtual reality (we’ve already heard this somewhere). The main character of the film agrees to take part in an experiment for money. The viewer will have to observe these experiments and plunge into the depths of the protagonist’s consciousness (this, too, reminds me of something).

Welcome to aleppo

A short film that will take you to ruined Aleppo and show you what a long civil war is worth. Look at the bombed-out houses and streets and almost personally feel the terrible consequences of the war.

For my son

Another documentary film about the twists and turns of the fate of a 27-year-old Syrian refugee named Firas. The war forced him to make a journey from ruined Aleppo to Amman – the capital of Jordan. The film leaves sad feelings after watching.

Clouds Over Sidra

A film made for the UN, which tells the story of Sidra, a 12-year-old Syrian girl who is temporarily in a Jordanian refugee camp.


It’s easy to see a general trend in VR motion pictures: their creators are constantly experimenting in search of the ideal “shape” for their creations. And some people do it well, like, for example, in the case of Dear Angelica.

It is also noticeable that at the moment directors are most often filming short documentary VR-films, allowing them to immerse themselves in history, which is called “headlong”. Although, in my opinion, the best genre for cinema (this also applies to video games) in VR is horror. Darkness, screamers, scary atmosphere – virtual reality seems to have been born for creating horror films.

And of course, the further evolution of this new format will lead to the development of interactivity: it is the viewer who will become the main character, influencing the plot of the final of the film.

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