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Wir are as free as never before, stated the magazine “philosophy” with “tunnel vision” on the Western hemisphere in its summer issue. And at the same time, we are forced to victims of Performance and lack of spontaneity. The promise of Freedom of the Internet has been hijacked by mega-corporations and the intelligence services, free will is only an Illusion and slavery at the latest in the low-wage sector among us.

At the same time overwhelmed people to control and security crave more and more of free-floating Anxiety. Original recipes, against the General uncertainty, there is a hope on the part of the policy. Jair Bolsonaro, the youngest Brazilian new arrival at the Club of the Rollback autocrats, confirmed the act of the series.

As an exhibition such as “The value of freedom is coming” in the Vienna Belvedere 21 just right. At the entrance to the visitors sense of how oppression feels like. Shut-off bands, as we know from the queues at the airport, on the way, although the rush to the with all sorts of black-and-white partition walls and walk-in Displays, fully provided in the main room of the Belvedere 21 is modest.

On the path of bondage

Three of the slower end of the curves later, it is the experience of self-imposed immaturity richer. You should have the freedom to choose the bands change, the dictates of sabotage and the artist, in which case, Eva Grubinger, stand up for ourselves.

Instead, take the turnoff to the next box. Model-clad bankers from the London Business district to give on-sober, composed of video to detect scenes. Also, you do not dare to break out. What it sells from your workplace in the marble Palace, is the Vice of Smoking.

The exiles indulge their Addiction before unattractive behind inputs. The artist Nina Könnemann obviously has a lot of sympathy with this beleaguered group, which is losing many times in a day your Elite Status. And what can we learn from this? The freedom of the majority is the buckling of the Abweichlers.

Curator Severin Dünser missing along about fifty of the items on the Status quo of the best-known claims of the enlightenment, striking casual, without any chronological or thematic restrictions, with a sense of escalating in addition to paths and predictable growths.

Photo gallery pictures at an exhibition : “The value of freedom” in the Vienna Belvedere 21

How free we could feel us, ask about Igor Grubić, with its action “Against Trash” if we were to produce less disposable garbage? The App “Buycott” is there more, to get you around the corner. You are informed by scanning the bar code on the product that you have, please prefer to the supermarket shelf.

And what the App says to the sacral draped Shroud of the Mexican artist Teresa Margolles? A art, the real blood stains of a Murdered in Nicaragua shows where the freedom of women is sometimes a lot of value may, in the Museum? Artists don’t have to complain in Vienna, by the way, about the lack of representation.

Karin Ferrari around proves to be humorous expert of the way of conspiracy theories and alternative facts. Your Video “DECODING U.S. TV News Intros” (THE WHOLE TRUTH) dive into the cosmos American news broadcasts.

The Parallel, which draws Ferrari between the graphical design of the opening credits, and the free-masons, Illuminati, and other obscure powers symbolism used, are their own logic so stringent as it is absurd. Of course, the usual male Suspects in this discourse look.

Christoph Schlingensief, Artur Zmijewski, Tobias Zielony, Alexander Kluge, Trevor Paglen, or Harun Farocki, you can rely on. You have to be matter-of-factly about the dissolution of the markets lecture, the efficiency of the worship of the Consulting industry, or the abuse of power in hierarchical structures.

In the maze of the freedom the presence of

Thus, the curatorial imperative not yet been exhausted. The domination of digital companies in the Virtual Reality artist John Gerrard lights with a tour of the Camera of a secret data processing center of Google. Milica Tomić running in 2009 with an assault rifle by Belgrade, seek out places of resistance by partisans, always guided by the question of whether the current fight against Islamist terrorism is not the monopoly of violence of the state.

Thus, the load of a perspective view of illuminated planet weighs too heavy, there is a tour of the Whimsical. Who wants to participatory intervene, it can be thanks to the collective Superflex offender and a corruption contract.

The “Cyberfem Manifesto Generator” Isabella Celeste Maund need to answer seven questions in order to create a personalized feminist Manifesto. Even wall-fetishists not come too short. In Lars Laumanns Video “Berlinmuren” inflame two sexual women in love with the Berlin wall. So much freedom in the choice of a partner should be.

Less choice you would have wished for at the end of this Shopping Mall, anti-capitalist lessons then. The attention crumbles, the present critique, get a little Compulsive, she becomes intoxicated with himself, as the Overdose would be the only way to get out of the maze of today’s problem areas to come out unharmed.

This is a shame, because some of the conceptual site you don’t want to miss in the Individual. On the way out, the exhaustion, however, wide. The shut-off bands you this time, not about their own Anxiety rejoice.

The value of freedom. In the Belvedere 21, Vienna; up to 10. February 2019. The catalogue costs 29 euros.

Source: F. A. Z.

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