Beautiful - but where's the massage therapist remains?

Virtual Reality, a Massage, that sounds like the future, according to high-tech. The waiting room of the Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center, but is more reminiscent of a narrow-minded German living room: I sit in front of a Monitor-wall, in the 3D scenes of mountain landscapes, Islands and deserts alternate. To listen to the landscape shots I faint sound of rushing water in the Background. The soil consists of plastic grass, next to me a pink plastic cherry blossom tree, on the shelf family therapy-books and guides for California, see.

I am in Los Angeles, in a newly opened Spa Salon, on the first Virtual Reality massage Studio in the world is reported to combine even though the idea of massages with virtual reality (VR), is not entirely new. This Friday, I’m the first customer.

>It’s a good idea, The author prior to your Massage

>On the Esqapes website I have reserved to me for $ 45, a half-hour VR-Massage-Session – the harder Version, the “intense” instead of “gentle”. For 30 minutes, could be an expensive fun, I thought to myself in the Book, especially me, the optional “Heat Therapy” costs five dollars in addition.

In the booking form the customer can choose between ten different VR scenarios for your Massage. There are the “Snowbank Cabin” with a fireplace fire and snow, the butterflies Canyon Suite “Standing Rock” with Monarch, or “Heavenly Garden”. I opt for the “Desert Spa”, for an oasis in the desert. “The sound of the rippling Pools and the heat of the sun will put you in a sweet state of relaxation,” reads the promotional text.

At the reception I need to speak to the Studio first of all liability claims, then I put my stuff in a locker. Take off, I need shoes for the VR-Massage my.

Pause not possible

As it starts, it leads me to a wizard in a simple room. In the middle sits a giant massage chair leather, behind a PC. The chair has gull-wing doors, such as a car, so that I can be the side to get in. Designed by dream wave model Ken Okuyama, who has worked, for example, for Porsche.

After I’ve taken a seat, putting that on me, the wizard, the Oculus VR Headset, he tells me that I don’t need to do much. If you have problems with the glasses should occur, should I just raise the Arm could not pause the Massage, however, he would have to cancel the program.

With this promotional image Esqapes new customer wants to win

>The glasses weighs heavy on my head. With a breathing exercise, the Headset is calibrated: I breathe on command in and out slowly and look on icons that are floating around in space. The scene changes to the VR Setting, but quickly: In virtual reality, I’m sitting in a swimming Pool and views of the desert panorama with mountains and a vast landscape, which is shrouded in fog. Eagle flying through the sky. This lighter Wind blows me in the massage room, accompanied by scents like lemon grass. The assistant is in the room, I forget quickly.

Totally overpriced

On a virtual massage therapist who massaged me in the VR scene, wait, I now will be in vain. Instead, I only see a digital Image of my massage chair in front of me, of me, meanwhile, is kneaded. In the first few minutes, I’m gonna look around in the virtual environment, and turn my head to the right and to the left. But then I realize that in this VR world is simply nothing happens, apart from the birds to stand out again and again to fly over the desert.

During the Massage, the eyes fall to me anyway, again and again, what makes the VR scene soon completely irrelevant. The backrest of the chair, squeezing me to the side, my arms are lean to the side and rolled, and even the soles of the feet are massaged. While I fall asleep, back to tear me a virtual breathing exercise in reality. Welcome back.

At the end of the Massage, I’m actually a little more relaxed – but this was mainly due to the luxury massage chair, not in the monitoring program. The VR scene is nothing more than a Gimmick, which contributes maximum to the beginning of the experience. The bottom line is that $ 50 for a half-hour of chair massage are totally overpriced.

For the same money could also be of a human Masseur pampering without the uncomfortable VR Headset on the head, a red mark on my nose back leaves. So how Esqapes it offers, will not prevail VR-Massage well, I guess, so exciting and modern in the offer sounds.

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