Bandai Namco to invest 113 million euros in its own metaverse

Bandai Namco to invest 113 million euros in its own metaverse

The Japanese video game and entertainment company Bandai Namco has published its strategy for the next three years, with medium-term business plans among which is the creating a “metaverse” to connect all their IP’s, a series of virtual worlds in which they will invest 15 billion yen, just over 113 million euros.

The creation of this “metaverse” will be strategic for the exploitation of all its licenses (Pac-Man, Dragon Ball, Dark Souls, etc). The goal is to create virtual spaces that allow customers and fans to enjoy new forms of entertainment, develop content that leverages the strengths of Bandai Namco by fusing physical and digital elements “to create deep, broad and multifaceted connections that are maintained for long periods of time.”

Bandai Namco will develop a “metaverse” for each IP as a new framework to connect with fans, communities that can be interconnected with each other. The period to make this project a reality has been marked between April this year and March 2025. We do not know if this will mean that we will have any new games in virtual reality.

So far the company has given us VR titles such as the Project Cars trilogy, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown and the One Piece Grand Cruise experience. His best-known license related to virtual reality is Sword Art Online, a series of novels and animes set in a world where an MMO in VR is the star video game.

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