Bags packed? Remember your travel insurance

Bags packed? Remember your travel insurance

Especially with long trips it is important to plan everything well, because thanks to this we can count on a successful holiday. Of course, we have to deal with emergencies that we cannot foresee. That is why it is so important to buy travel insurance tailored to our needs. It just pays off.

Travel insurance in LINK4 is peace and security

Travel insurance is just as important on vacation as a comfortable hotel, tasty food or attractions that we plan to use. It provides us with peace, and in an unfortunate situation it is a real rescue. Firstly, we will not be on our own, secondly, we have financial security against many unforeseen costs, and thirdly, insurance will ensure that we continue our holiday or, if necessary, return home safely, even when we are on the proverbial other side of the world.

Insurance is what you care about

Well-chosen travel insurance is the minimum cost in relation to the comprehensive protection that it provides us during the entire trip. It’s not worth saving.

Travel insurance at link4 covers a very wide range of travel emergencies: from luggage to the most important matters, i.e. our health. Protection we can cover suitcases or sports equipment, so we get compensation for lost or damaged things.

As part of the insurance, we can also count on a refund in case of cancellation of the trip. In addition, the insurer allows us to determine which elements of the trip can be a possible source of problems and then decide on additional insurance, as in the case of high-risk sports.

However, the main reason why we choose travel insurance is the fear of health problems and the need to seek medical help. And this, especially abroad, can mean huge additional expenses.

Thanks to the travel policy in link4, we do not have to worry that in case of an emergency illness or accident, we will be deprived of care or forced to pay for ourselves, for example, for a stay in the hospital.

In LINK4, the insurer covers expenses up to the amount of the insurance we have concluded Regarding:
– outpatient examinations and procedures,
– purchase of medicines and dressings prescribed by your doctor,
– medical consultations with the doctor’s arrival at the accommodation, if the state of health so requires,
– hospitalization, and in its framework treatment, urgent procedures and operations, the conduct of which can not be postponed until the time of return to the country,
– dental treatment for acute pain or inflammation up to 150 euros.

The insurance also covers the cost of transport from the place of an accident or sudden illness to the nearest hospital or clinic.

Link4 will also provide accommodation for an accompanying person in case of hospitalization of the insured for more than 7 days. In such situations, we can also count on the care and help to return to the country of children, if they are not accompanied by anyone of legal age. Our animals will also be taken care of if there is no one to take care of them as a result of an accident and stay in the hospital.

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In link4 you can take advantage of various travel insurance options. Depending on the purpose of our trip, we can choose: Poland, Europe or the world. We also decide for what amount, within the available options, the policy will cover.

Important: in case of foreign travel, the policy must be purchased at least 1 day before departure, in case of domestic travel 2 days before departure.

How does travel insurance work?

In the event of an insured event, please contact link4 as soon as possible. The advantage of the company is easy direct contact with consultants via the hotline. There they will give us the most important information and guidance on how to proceed.

A big plus of insurance in link4 is that the policy can be conveniently purchased online or by calling the hotline. Thanks to this, we save valuable time, which we can devote to other necessary preparations for the trip.

On page a calculator is available that intuitively guides the user through the different insurance options and calculates the total cost of the policy. We can also speak directly with consultants at 22 4444444 or meet with an agent in person.

Travel insurance available at link4. For more information, see OWU travel available at

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