Augmented reality (AR) as a tool of modern marketing

Augmented reality (AR) as a tool of modern marketing

In the previous article, we talked about the most interesting cases of using VR in marketing. Now the turn has come to the augmented reality technology. Perhaps the techniques used below are not as effective as in the case of VR marketing, but AR is used much more often in advertising.

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This is due to the fact that it is much easier to implement an AR project: you do not need expensive and inconvenient (primarily for the user) equipment in the form of VR headsets. Augmented reality objects can be displayed on any surface and only a smartphone is needed to see them.

And here are examples of how large brands and little-known brands use AR, successfully attracting new customers with such a non-standard approach.

Pokemon Go

The game that made the whole world catch Pokemon made a huge contribution to the popularization of AR: Pokemon Go was not played except by grandmothers and babies. And it is not surprising – the advertising from the creators looked very attractive.

Pepsi and Coca-Cola

When it comes to high technologies, it is impossible to do without the participation of such giants as PepsiCo and The Coca-Cola Company. Company Blippar has developed such an unusual advertisement for the limited version of Pepsi soda.

Coca-Cola, not wanting to lag behind its direct competitor, with the help of Interactive Advertising Bureau, has developed an unusual creative that turns a can of a drink into a real music player.


And fans of the Heineken foam drink could please themselves with such an unusual concert.

Stella Artois

The company Stella Artois has gone even further by creating a navigator application Le Bar Guide, which will help you find a bar located near you with your favorite drink using AR technology. You can also use the app to invite friends to a bar and call a taxi if you have not calculated your strength and have gone too far.


AR is the perfect tool for boutiques. Timberland proved this perfectly by creating a virtual fitting room for potential customers: people could try on any thing without going into the store. Agree, it is convenient and very tempting.

GoldRun and Young & Rubicam

Exclusive youth Airwalk sneakers can be purchased in Washington Square Park, in New York. They are sold in a unique “invisible pop-up store”. The place was chosen not by chance – young skaters who are the potential audience of this unusual store gather here.

The 2014 Olympics

“Domestic Pokemon” appeared on the big screen back in 2014. Together with people on the street, they did exercises, participated in various games and just amused the audience.


We have already mentioned about the virtual test drive from Volvo – it was very impressive. However, Lexus went its own way: using a smartphone or tablet, on the page of the magazine advertising the car, users had the opportunity to see its 3D model, view the main technical characteristics and even change the color of the body.


And since we mentioned Volvo, it is worth saying that the Swedish concern has been using both technologies for its own good for a long time. The company has developed an augmented reality application, where driving an S60 sedan, you can ride around any real location. It looks like this.


In continuation of the automotive theme: BMW created software for devices running Windows and Mac OS back in 2009. With its help, it was possible to see a three-dimensional model of the Z4 convertible and conduct a small “test drive”.


It was possible to look at the assembly and “play around” with a three-dimensional model of the Ford Grand C-Max family car in one of the UK shopping centers in 2011.

Top Gear

The popular automotive magazine also used augmented reality technology, turning its print edition into an interactive book.

National Geographic

Let’s leave the cars alone: the National Geographic TV channel has installed screens in the largest shopping centers in the world. With their help, people passing by could play with different animals, dolphins and even dinosaurs. Pet a jaguar, visit the center of a storm or take a picture with an astronaut-all this has become available thanks to AR technology.


On the eve of Christmas, Metro magazine gave its readers such an unusual “magic”. With the help of the Blippar app, users could see how to properly prepare and decorate festive treats.


The popular adult magazine Maxim has launched its own application “animator”, which allows you to enjoy additional video content. To do this, you only need a smartphone with the installed program and the magazine itself.

Popar Toys

Who needs boring ordinary books, when there are such super-modern printed publications for children in the world. With their help, the child not only enjoys reading, but also develops his creative abilities.

The Times

The British daily newspaper has made the process of buying Christmas gifts extremely simple. It is enough to point the smartphone to the corresponding page and press one button – this technology of quick purchases is called Tap-to-buy.


And for those ladies who have no time to go shopping in search of nail polish, Maybelline has developed an AR application that allows you to” try on ” samples without leaving home. To do this, you will only need a modern smartphone or tablet. The range of lacquers is huge, so there is a lot to choose from here.


In order to facilitate the search for the right designer for the child, as well as to demonstrate the toy to the baby, the company came up with Lego Digital Box – an augmented reality trading system. You just need to bring the box with a barcode to a special scanner with a color display, and you will see a digital model of what can be assembled from the parts inside.

Frauennotruf München e.V

Such creativity can not be called pleasant, but it should bring benefits according to the idea of the creators. The non-profit organization Frauennotruf München e. V in order to prevent domestic violence with the help of a smartphone and an augmented reality browser junaio, demonstrated that there is nothing good in aggression. The video below will clearly show how they did it.

Tic Tac

And now let’s move on to the most delicious. Ferrero has introduced an entertainment application using augmented reality called Tic Tac Viewr. This collection of minigames will help you pass the time by eating your favorite treats.


The idea of exchanging love messages on chocolate wrappers is not new. However, the manufacturer of chocolate bars from Greece offers to send romantic words to the addressee in augmented reality format instead of handwritten text, using a special application. Pointing the smartphone at the wrapper, the recipient will be able to read it and be happy.


Nestle has turned the packaging of its product into a fun game console with three-dimensional graphics. You just need to bring the box to the webcam on the computer and a game will appear in front of you, the control of which is based on the movements of the packaging in your hands. Original, creative and just cool!


One of the largest ketchup manufacturers in the world has developed an AR application with which the buyer can use a” pop-up ” recipe book. Point your smartphone at a bottle of ketchup in the store or at home, and you will see what you can cook for lunch or dinner.

It is noteworthy that all the dishes available in the virtual catalog use Heinz ketchup as an ingredient.


And with the help of such interesting applications, representatives of the famous American coffee shop earn the loyalty of potential customers.


The future of the advertising industry lies in the field of augmented and virtual reality – interactive content appears in everyday life more and more often. Moreover, it will be possible to see it both on advertising billboards and on the windows of passing vehicles.

The constant improvement of technology, the cheapening of hardware and the growing popularity of AR will lead to the fact that in the next decade we will see such impressive advertising, which will seem like real magic to many.

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