ATS (applicant tracking system, system management candidates)

ATS system management candidates

ATS (applicant tracking system to manage candidates) — software that allows you to automate the solution of recruitment challenges. ATS can be a desktop application and an online service (depending on needs and size of the company). There are also free ATS and ATS with open source software. In most cases, the ATS automatically filter applications based on specific criteria — keywords, skills, names of previous employers, experience and education. This leads to the fact that many candidates use various techniques to improve their resume, by analogy with the techniques of search engine optimization.

Modern ATS solve many of the challenges facing companies in the field of recruitment and work with him. The main tasks include the following:

  • processing the incoming stream summary and storage;
  • correlation of the incoming CV with the vacancy for which they were sent;
  • placement of vacancy announcements on a large number of sites (Job Boards);
  • to collect feedback on jobs from many sources;
  • work with external providers (recruitment agencies) that load summary they represent candidates directly into the ATS client company;
  • individualized work with candidates in the recruitment process;
  • work with hiring managers;
  • working with social and professional networks;
  • working with passive candidates, information about which is stored in the ATS;
  • collecting a lot of data about the candidates.

ATS give companies the following advantages:

  • improving the efficiency of processing incoming summary while maintaining a high level of quality;
  • saving time for the recruiters.
  • increasing the attractiveness of the employer brand;
  • the possibility of using data collected on the candidates to improve the efficiency of recruitment, retention of employees, the formulation of subsequent strategies for recruiting.

A large company came to the conclusion that its own database of applicants who have previously responded to jobs or simply sent a summary is a valuable asset that saves money on recruitment. If a candidate has already joined the company for an interview, but for some reason did not come, it is quite possible that in a few months or even years will get the job, which the candidate will be right up.
It is not surprising that by 2014, more than 60% of foreign companies (most of them are Fortune 500) used various kinds of ATS and all the leading companies producing software for recruiters, developed and sold systems management candidates (Oracle, SAP, IBM, ADP, and others).

In the system IT-Enterprise most of the above ATS functions is implemented using product Recruiting.

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