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    As if you were in the right movie

    Ein a good video game is like jumping into the warm water. Anyway, if you want to put the same quality with Immersion, the emotional, and sensual Immersion in a narrative. Already twenty years ago, the media theorist Janet Murray described the term in their essay “Hamlet on the Holodeck”, which was launched last year, added: “the feeling of a completely other reality, surrounded as diverse as the water to the air, which attracts our attention, our whole perceptual apparatus”.

    This feeling is known to be in dealing with the media, but the computer games excite it especially easy to use. This is particularly true for Virtual Reality title, where the player is closed off by glasses and headphones are audio-visually from the outside world. The want to make Spectre Vision, the production company of actor Elijah Wood, use that to make a unique “atmospheric Genre-experience”. A game would be, it was not yet clear, as the company met with the developer Studio Ubisoft. The cooperation, however, led to this: the result of Transference”, an interactive horror trip, to beat according to Wood, a bridge between the game and Film”.

    Three incomplete and consistently disturbing records

    The story of Transference plays almost only in a cramped apartment. Here once lived the family of Hayes, a mother, Katherine, son Ben, and the father of Raymond, learn how we practice from short-to Video, to find a way worked to digitize the consciousness of people, and in the madness abdriftete. In this condition, Raymond had no inhibitions, to make his family and himself try to objects, unfortunately, went wrong when Uploading the information a lot of things.

    The result are three gap and consistently disturbing, the records must be accessible to the players take turns to find out what happened to the family Hayes. Specifically, this means The player moves through the apartment, searched through cupboards and drawers for Clues, look at the film archive material and work in small challenges. In doing so, he can by Pressing light switches between the three perceptions to switch back and forth.

    In the world of Consciousness by Raymond technical devices stack up in the apartment, while the mother is full with musical instruments. Ben’s point of view is dominated by toys and the family dog Laika, but all three of the dark horror versions of what might have perceived the family members will actually change as a reality. Sparse light, menacing silhouettes and typical horror elements, such as images of evil Clowns dominate the Scene, accompanied by atmospheric sounds and Vocal pieces, the times incomprehensible by each other, whisper, and then, suddenly, loudly shouting for help.

    In less serious moments, the effect is uncomfortable anxiety, the player can, however, remain quite short, the heart, when suddenly a child at the wheel and, therefore, the VR user with the appropriate sound effect jumps directly in front of the lens. “In the VR Medium is a very dense atmosphere and intense sensory reactions can be created. It is therefore good for the Genre and horror stories, particularly“ says Elijah Wood that focuses his company from the beginning to Horror, but in film form. That the makers are familiar with the Genre, it should be noted the game, not just in Setting, but also in the staging of the real film clips, and information about the past of the family. As many as possible the player must find to USB-Sticks, CDs, or cassettes in the apartment, to be able to at least partially reconstruct, as it came to the failed Experiment.



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