Artificial world, real Shake

Artificial world, real Shake

The Europa-Park in Rust, one of the largest amusement parks in Europe, has a new, old attraction. At the “Alps Express VR-Ride” is a roller-coaster ride, when you are wearing a VR glasses. The visitors are in the oldest of Parks on-the-go experience, but by data glasses to fantastic worlds. Using Virtual Reality technology (VR) simulates a Loren ride and a Ride on a dragon.

The “VR Ride” was featured on the weekend for the first Time, the press, and could at least convince the colleagues from the magazine “c’t”, if he could get there, horse-riding experience things that would be in reality impossible, writes the author Jan – Keno Janssen, “for example, on a dragon, and in such a way that the Whole thing feels really real, including wind and acceleration forces.” The visitors turn your head, it changes the views of the artificial world.

The Trick is that the real journey will be synchronized with the calculated fantasy world, says one of the developers of the MIRROR ONLINE. The interactive 3D Film is coupled through sensor data to the movement and Position of the roller coaster. Sensors in the chassis register, such as the web moves and control the graphics calculation. It is not the same precision: voices of true and computed Position – moves the roller coaster so different, as suggested by the 3D-world – leads to Nausea in passengers.

The underlying technology is surprisingly simple, it is based on Samsung’s already available VR Headset, Samsung Gear VR: There is no Central graphics computer instead, the calculation is made completely of Smartphones. The sensor data from the chassis will be transmitted via radio to the mobile phones and the acceleration sensors of the device, in turn, control the virtual view. More technical Details of the article of the colleagues of the “c’t”.

VR for the future

The Rust-tested concept of the future, believes Thomas Wagner, who co-developed the new ride with his company’s VR Coaster significantly. Especially old amusement Park attractions could be due to a new, virtual issues “extremely appreciated”. Thanks to the VR technology intricate worlds can be adjusted on the Computer, and computer games – to the audience’s wishes. Children could be noise in the driving business thanks to other Software through a harmless fairy-tale world, adults on the same attraction more dramatic scenarios to experience.

That such VR offerings right now, is no coincidence: In the last months of devices with a VR technology to become the only affordable. With a view on the usability of the developers have also made great progress.

Similar systems, such as the current VR-glasses-and -headset, it has been around for 20 years, the old equipment was, however, convinced hardly anyone. Among her problems, a bad graphics quality, delayed and inaccurate movements, and, and, not least, a combination of a helmet and a computing unit, which was a lot of rounds to heavy and uncomfortable for long periods of the game.

A ride lasts two minutes

At least the latter difficulty is the need of the Europa-Park once no Worries: A journey in the Alpine Express takes less than two minutes. In addition, the railway train – compared to other roller coasters – a leisurely 45 kilometres per hour. This is fast enough for a artificially boosted By riddling the grate and slowly enough to keep the Sensors – and the passenger – keep up with the exploitation of the impressions.

VR-expert Thomas Wagner says, in the future, we will develop more content for other roller coasters and the technology, including customized content to international amusement parks sell. He sees new opportunities for the industry: “The advantage of VR is that this is the first time new feelings can be simulated, such as, for example, gravity. No Simulator can be.”

The combination of VR and amusement parks sounds fascinating. For a lot of attention, the concept of “The Void” With VR made in the last weeks, goggles and protective helmets equipped, visitors walk through a barren obstacle course. You can experience it All but in the Form of an action-Packed game world from the Computer. Manipulate real-world objects such as a plastic panel, which you can perceive through your glasses as a Touch screen, with interactive graphics.

Augmented Reality as the second technology of the Future

Similar offers, which often recall the Lasertag-halls, in the world of development. The Australian Start-up “Zero Latency works such as” on a so-called “Multiplayer Virtual Reality Gaming” – are meant to be group battles with plastic dummies appearing through the VR glasses as a futuristic weapons.

And all this is only the beginning: as soon As systems for the so-called Augmented Reality are available for this purpose, Microsoft’s glasses HoloLens is about should the physical and the calculated reality merge: You can see the real world, but it is enriched with a calculated content.

For those who think that amusement parks games by computer and VR technology will become obsolete, could be mistaken: there could be the most exciting experiments.

Note: The “Alpine Express VR” can currently use only the holder of a card or an “Emotions Plus”customer card, and visitors to the Europa-Park Hotels. The journey is up to 17. October, free of charge, then are charged per Person for four euros.

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