Artificial intelligence earns for AK BARS Bank

Artificial intelligence earns for AK BARS Bank


People are tired of traditional methods of communication with financial institutions. Moreover, this trend is visible all over the world. According to Accenture research, 64% of customers prefer communication in messengers to emails or phone calls when interacting with the company. Even more (80%) customers are ready to enter into a dialogue with the brand using messengers, including answering questions or listening to some suggestions. Every year, a billion messages are sent between people and brands around the world.

Naturally, all this is possible only if the brand is able to conduct a meaningful conversation in the messenger. The first attempts of banks to use voice bots in many cases led to huge frustration of customers: they were forced to spend dozens of minutes communicating with a bot that could not understand the request and constantly returned the caller to the beginning of the conversation, simultaneously forcing him to listen to a huge amount of advertising, while the client did not physically have the opportunity to reach a “live” operator.


AK BARS has started implementing its chatbot according to the traditional scheme. The AI created by the company processed a huge amount of internal information, communication patterns, recordings of old dialogues and gradually tried to get involved in communication with real customers.


Already from the first months, the percentage of automation was 20%, and now this indicator has reached 50%. Moreover, the bank calculates the income from the introduction of a chatbot not only as a saving on reducing the number of call center employees. According to the law, a web widget cannot give financial advice to a bank client, for example, advise him to buy shares, but he can talk about the advantages and features of certain financial instruments. According to Yaroslav Shuvaev, head of the development of promising products at AK Bars Digital Technologies, the bot now “brings the bank multimillion-dollar revenues” and accounts for up to 20% of sales through remote channels. The interface created by AK BARS for communication with the client is currently being prepared for sale as a boxed solution that can be used by other banks and companies from the non-banking sector, for example, telecom operators. At the moment, in particular, MegaFon is interested in this decision, says Shuvaev.

At the same time, Accenture warns about a number of risks associated with the use of bots for communication with customers. First of all, this is security: Facebook, WeChat, Telegram, and others are the most common communication tools that credit institutions prefer to give users the opportunity to use their usual communication tools, such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and others. So far, not all of them provide a sufficient degree of privacy that meets the requirements of banks.

The second problem that Accenture is talking about is rather of a psychological nature. People are used to a certain level of mutual trust when it comes to talking with a live operator, even taking into account the fact that the client is aware that he is an employee of the bank, whose main goal is to maximize profit. If the client’s interlocutor is an AI, the client may mistakenly attribute to him the factor of “human” decency. In this case, Accenture suggests that brands show maximum openness and fully inform the client in which cases he communicates with the program interface.

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