ARD-Film "Play": the Paranoia behind the VR-glasses

It is not without irony, when, of all things, “the television” warns of the dangers of Addiction. Why not Philip Morris? Or my Dealer around the corner? Maybe it’s because both of them can’t tell such good stories, as it is favourable if the TV can.

This convenient case is entered. “Play” is the story of how 17-year-old Jennifer, the reality is lost in the virtual reality. On the new school of the classmates avoided the third wheel in the prosperity of the family, the age is contrary to the usual doubts of one’s own body and what makes the so – all this-because of their “Avalonia” very.

Equipped with the Equipment, which can provide a wealth family ready to conquered Jennifer in the Fantasy-landscapes of the game a different, easier existence. With a knife, the bow and arrow. Always online, always with the VR glasses on their nose. What we guessed it early, to the detriment of their academic performance, social contacts, and soon also mental health.

Beloved “Avalonia”

This Play is anything other than an educational case study with wedelndem index finger. Director Philip Koch (previously rotated, among other things, a radical “crime scene” on pornography), and Co-author Hamid Baroua not make it in the first place, the danger, but the pull of good games to life. Action and landscapes in the game were taken from the animation Studio Trixter who have already worked for Blockbuster movies like “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Avengers” or “Spider Man”. A novelty in the German television. You do not need to imagine that some people would like to stay in “Avalonia”. You look at it.

The second strength of “Play” is Emma Bading, your Jennifer is an event. The joy and the Anger, curiosity, and boredom, the euphoria and despair – everything that torments the Driven, is in a happy clarity to read. Time we see Jennifer in fighting choreography by your room vertebrae, the camera (Alexander Fischerkoesen) approach to within a few inches of this face. No of their manoeuvres than muscle, no flowing bead of sweat escapes.

The downward spiral continues creeping up in speed. In the game, Jennifer learns a classmate (Jonas Hämmerle) know and love – and the notes on the first Date, that you lack the social skills. While her father (Oliver Masucci) reacts with understanding, has the deprivation of the mother (Victoria Mayer) is always more radical punitive measures from the Internet lock to the mobile phone.

Cold sweat and hollow happiness

Jennifer, meanwhile, deceptive, tricking and begs and humiliate yourself, as you would expect from a Junkie. There is a cold sweat, because the Shaking is all the violence of Addiction. And the hollow of luck, if the urge is satisfied. Eventually, even the expensive Computer and VR work gloves or glasses, such as the shabby Cutlery a Dependent.

And eventually, three levels of mesh swim. The gloss of the game, the misery of the teenager and the everyday life. First of all, it is only the great sound Director who works with auditory hallucinations. Then the sound is different as the picture, an abysmal Irritation and reflects the growing loneliness and Paranoia of the heroine.

A real “Gamer” here and there to have something to complain about. Figures can really be remotely delete? Why is beat, the notorious misogyny of the scene completely? For the wide audience that has never seen a VR-glasses from the inside, it doesn’t matter. And for the General public to Play is the most exciting and most emotional approach to the subject, which is likely to have it in fictional television history.

Recently, the world health organization, WHO, has set the “Gaming Disorder”, the obsessive Play, on the list of recognized illnesses. In Germany alone, almost 500,000 young people between 12 and 17 years of age show the behavior of a pathological game. “Play” shows not only where the come from, and where it can lead. But it shows how that feels.

An unlikely encounter between Jennifer and your Avatar is not only a very poetic image on several levels. Play on the swings as a final, as you said earlier, “it must be great cinema” is called. Too much should not be betrayed. But the boss has it in itself.

“Play”. Wednesday, 20.15 Uhr, ARD

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