"ARCity" App for iOS: 3D-Navigation in Augmented Reality
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    • "ARCity" App for iOS: 3D-Navigation in Augmented Reality

    "ARCity" App for iOS: 3D-Navigation in Augmented Reality

    The intersection is because the front is the same as on my maps App or do I need to run a road? With the App "ARCity" should be to eliminate the annoying balance between the two-dimensional map on the Smartphone Display, and reality - the route description should be signed directly in the actual environment of the user on the search for orientation.

    The application of mixed the environment with the virtual world: The free iOS App of the Route displays, so to speak directly into the field of view. But this only works if you keep his Smartphone in front of his face. On the Display you can see the area on the live image from the camera is displayed - added an important layer of information: Over the video image on the virtual streets are laid out, the application moves in with Apple Maps.

    The virtual streets on the Display look a little getting used to, if you are using the map function. But, above all, the Navigation in augmented reality, the Augmented Reality (AR) is really handy.

    As with other map Apps, you can enter "ARCity" a target point, and the way to a specific location view. While you need to look at Google Maps and competing Apps, but first of all, the direction in which you actually have to run, and often a couple of Times searching rotates around its own axis, the 3D map much easier. Flashing arrows show on the Display, whether you're on the right Route or if you have to turn around.

    Image recognition is intended to help in the Navigation

    The App also provides a rudimentary guide function. In the case of the sights, Cafés and Parks, the Name will appear or a letter Icon indicates that a post office is hidden in the building. The idea of the App is good: The user must not always look alternately on the Smartphone and its environment, the virtual view bodies with reality - but gets both of these combined are presented.

    In addition to GPS tracking, the developers of Blippar promise that the App will also scan the building, to determine with Software images to the current location of the user in more detail. Furthermore, additional information, reviews and opening Hours will be displayed directly on the wall. Unfortunately, this Feature works only in a few cities such as London, Mountain View and San Francisco.

    In our Test with the iPhone 7 shows that the image-based location detection would be pretty helpful. Because the roads are placed at the Start of the App pretty weird on the Display. Ironically, the Central Feature of the App, it hooks so.

    You must be back by wiper movement once the virtual streets, so that they fit in the camera image. As soon as you jolted a little at the display, folding the Navigation is quite good. However, only so long, until the phone switches to the sleep mode. Thereafter, the AR is over-view, and you have to help the App find your location. This is pretty annoying.

    Display the street name with a fingertip comes in handy. If you want to know where you are running along, touch the road, and the Name is displayed. In the case of shops, Restaurants and cafes that doesn't work unfortunately, so good. It is displayed with an Icon. It expresses, however, is only displayed in the address and not the Name or the Opening times.

    For a quick Start of the Route in a strange city ARCity is "" very well. Because the App sucks, but quite at the battery, you should consider a longer Navigation through the augmented reality well.

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