AR can Change the Gambling Industry

AR can Change the Gambling Industry

A new video with a unique AR filter has stirred up the Internet and sparked discussions about the impact of immersive technologies on the gambling industry. The video demonstrates an AR filter that is able to give out an approximate percentage of winnings in a Texas poker game in real time.

This video posted Roman Eming, a cloud technology specialist at Holo-Light, a software and AR/VR technology company. We do not yet know how and why the filter was created, although the idea directly hints at the use of machine learning and 5G technology in modern poker

Regardless of the authenticity of this filter, it raises some interesting questions about the future of gambling and immersive technologies. As shown in the video, AR can potentially “break” the casino industry by offering tech-savvy players an advantage over the dealer if they can use their smartphone or headset unnoticed.

The US Gambling Law states: Card counting is allowed as long as you don’t use an external card counting device or get help from another person.

However, as AR develops, the design of the devices themselves will also improve. The casino security service should easily notice the Magic Leap 2 or Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset at the table, but it won’t always be that easy. AR glasses are improving every day and it will be much more difficult to distinguish them in the future.

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