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Apple думает про электрокар, искусственное мясо всё ближе. Техдайджест

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Elon Musk in difficult times was thinking to sell Tesla to Apple, but Tim cook didn’t pick up and now Apple has to come up with Autonomous electric car of their own. Project Titan remember each time talk about the transformation of Apple into a service company — from engineering and visionary, what was considered the Apple of jobs times.

Those who dislike cook, shaking your head: your vehicle at all times trying to do with 2014 and all the way. But supporters argue: but try, and this is billions of dollars in risky project with design “a new level” (according to Reuters sources).

As it will be

  • Apple will not build the plant, it is slow and expensive, according to experts who were interviewed by Business Insider. Another thing is to provide a design and part high-tech body kit in the first place lidars. The three most obvious (or desired) partner: Tesla, Volkswagen and Magna.
  • The two main problems of the auto business: it is low-margin and requires billions of dollars of investment. The most profitable in the world, the Porsche brand of cars bring a total of 16%. Why this market is Apple, after all, smartphones can be sold at half as much cost? The answer is simple: sales of mobile phones are falling, and electric cars — like the new black… On the side of Apple in a new case it will be the usual benefits: the power of the brand, huge financial resources and the ability to create and control complex production chains.


  • Reuters claims that Apple in addition to business skill there are two technological trump card. First, some breakthrough battery technology. Secondly, the retreat option: you can sell the technology of the autopilot, rather than the whole car.
  • If Apple will choose b2b sales, here’s the most promising niche: elektroorgana for delivery. This convinced the reviewers of the New York Times.
  • There is an interesting, albeit indirect evidence in this direction is really right now more money: the company Nuro has acquired a developer of Autonomous control systems for heavy trucks Ike. Nuro — just maker fun the Autonomous vans for delivery to the door.
  • Expand the horizons: The Next Web recommends three academic articles about future mobility. The first is about electric bicycles, the second is about vacuum tunnels Hyperloop, the third — about the difficulties of creating real autopilot.
  • According to Reuters, Project Titan will be presented in 2024 or 2025. Of course, if the magic of Apple will work.

Space forces

The resource Space News presented their awards Space Awards at the end of 2020. If I’m looking for in space is an incredible story of courage and suspicious signals from the stars, this strict resource entirely on the progress step by step. If you need a conservative picture of the achievements in this field at year-end, is the best option.

For me the main discovery from the list — York Space Systems, manufacturer of satellites serial. One of them launched on a rocket from the Rocket Lab Electron, and the manufacturers of media PR is clearly much stronger. In most publications about the satellite mentioned only in passing. But now York Space has multimillion-dollar contracts with state agencies. One of the few public tenders it is known that it takes over the same job is approximately twice less than Lockheed Martin. The new York plant will do up to 25 satellites S-class (probably small) in a year.

Meat without meat

What was the 2020 for the head of a company that specializiruetsya expensive meat substitutes and up to the lockdown in the US sold them mainly in restaurants? Surprisingly, the head of Beyond Meat Ethan brown rare and in this podcast, The Verge. He is not bankrupt, quite the contrary. The stock has risen by almost half, while brown talks about the business in terms of growth of market share — not as a startup but as a serious player.

During a thorough discussion Nilai Patel and brown discussed life in the village, and business, and science. Quote: “Consider this: what are animals? They absorb a lot of plants and plenty of water. We use herbal ingredients and water at the entrance. Just do without animals.”

In addition, it is a conversation with one of the founders of the industry, which is potentially one can save the Earth from global warming. Of course, if you completely replace the livestock: cattle not only eats the greens but also emit very many greenhouse gases.

In one sentence

  • KFC has introduced a game console in the form of a pot, and it really is possible to heat the chicken.
  • IEEE Spectrum in detail tells about breakthrough algorithm AI from DeepMind, which is exploring the world, not knowing the rules.
  • The New York Times writes about the most mysterious cybercrime of the year: it is not clear who and for what purpose is trying to steal from publishers unpublished manuscript.
  • Ars Technica continues to masterfully tell the story of the main modern technologies: in this time — the emergence and development of ARM processors.

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