Apple switched to the M1 because of sales of its Intel competitors

Apple перешла на M1 из-за продаж процессоров Intel ее конкурентам

The new processors M1 was replaced by the Intel products into new Apple devices. However, the company had its reasons for switching to private processors except the desire to increase their productivity.

Co-founder Loup Ventures and Apple devices analyst gene Munster spoke with former Intel engineer JENAM Lee. Lee was one of the employees who worked with Apple on the creation of a special processor for the MacBook Air 2006. The project was secret, and employees learned about the Intel cooperation during the presentation Steve jobs in 2008.

In 2006, Apple began to cooperate closely with Intel after the transition from IBM PowerPC architecture in their Mac on Intel x86. Apple offered Intel to create something specific and identified the required characteristics, however, refused to provide any information on what processors. The team gained access to a secret website on which was posted the specifications of design with strict instructions that prohibited sharing information with colleagues.

On the development and manufacture of the chip took about a year, but none of the engineering team did not understand to which device the CPU is being developed. Under the contract, Intel was prohibited from selling the generated chip to Apple’s competitors. However, the accumulated experience of the development team was used in new projects intended for Dell or HP.

Apple показала новые компьютеры Mac и MacBook Apple showed the new Mac computers and MacBook topic Apple showed the new Mac and MacBook

“When I worked at Intel, we’ve developed the CPU for the MacBook, and Apple was the first released product. They initially took a leading position in the market, but after six months of development Intel came to Dell and HP, and offered competitors to buy a similar Apple patented a new design with a thin form factor,” said Zhang Li.

Other manufacturers began to copy the achievements of Apple. A year later, Dell and HP released computers similar to the MacBook Air characteristics. Apple knew that sooner or later it will happen, so the company was counting on six months or a year of head start before competitors can produce similar devices.

After the transition of the company’s gadgets for the M1 Apple’s competitors find it difficult to offer something similar for laptops Windows. Due to innovative developments now Apple controls all the key components of their devices, so the rest will be very difficult to offer substitutes, the necessary funds without registration, concluded Lee.

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