Apple N301: First Details for the Mixed-Reality glasses leaked

No, this is a Oculus Quest, no Apple unit. But it could look similar. (Photo: Facebook)

The Online magazine The Information published Details about an Apple Headset, this could come in 2022 for $ 3,000 on the market, and both virtual as well as advanced realities would dominate.

Sources from the Apple environment, the publication The Information will have to get pretty detailed impressions of the new Apple headset to listen to the name “Apple Glass”.

Cameras everywhere: be Tracked Hand and eye movements

In the case of the mysterious new Headset it will be a Mixed-Reality System – one that should be able to show both VR, so completely artificial worlds, as well as AR, so digital elements enriched in the real images. The Headset is said to have the Design of a sight, and more than a dozen cameras have.

This camera Setting to provide a constant stream of real images to the eyes of the wearer and for other movements, such as those of the hands, track and respond to can. Inward-facing cameras in the eyes to track movements.

The inner curved display of unity intended to represent a resolution of 8K. As for a Ski or motorcycle goggles – shaped unit, there should be different head bands to choose from. The Transition between the face and the eyes seems to be made of a kind of foam covers. Here, too, the ambitious athletes recognize the model. The Information promises to be a whole bunch of other functions.

The N301 according to The Information should look like. (Source: The Information)

Augmented Reality, but without a point of view – this is also VR-ready

Particularly interesting is the Headset because it is not supposed to focus on VR or AR, but might be able to combine both forms of digital reality. It would, however, eyeglasses, such as in the case of conventional AR -, to see the reality simply by a view through the Headset. Instead, the cameras on the taking of the outside world and projected with a certain amount of latency on the internal display.

This Apple VR and AR could combine with each other and so experiences that remove the limitations of each other’s technology. This could, first and foremost, come Play benefit. Also, the use in training or in a production environment seems to be conceivable.

In addition to the control of the device that is to be developed at Apple under the code name N301, by Hand and eye, it should be possible to operate the device via the Joystick-related accessories, such as a thimble-like joystick. Possibly, the additional functions for the control of other elements, such as the selection of Software options. This additional Hardware may be optionally offered.

Among the various prototypes should there be which, like the Apple Watch or the new Over-Ears, a digital crown on the side. Could be used in a similar manner as in the other cases. All variants will also have Lidar technology, which, in particular, from the point of view, the units offer no view, for a much more accurate detection of the environment, and the distances to objects allows.

Also on the outside of the unit to be a Display. To serve, information about the operating condition does not display, even if the unit is in use. The interchangeable headbands to equip the unit with additional Features. For example, an audio solution that could be integrated. Similarly, in the work of a head band with extra battery. To charge the Headset would generally be via a cable.

From the Apple environment will The Information have to know that the manufacturer wants to use its own Chips for the Headset. For the peripheral vision something of weak resolution to end of display use, while the frontal is to have a point of view on 8K Displays. This is outside the capabilities of conventional television sets, especially in Relation to the surface.

N301 could be eligible for $ 3,000 in year 2022

Allegedly, the N301 is to come in the coming year on the market, and supplier Pegatron will be made. Most recently, Apple had placed all the orders to the Taiwanese manufacturer on ice cream, as Pegatron was again noticed due to exploitative working conditions.

The price of the device is to be between a Macbook and a Microsoft Hololens. This should be a competitive line. The N301 would costs around $ 3,000. Production numbers are already rumors. After that, Apple is expected in the first year of production, with around 250,000 units.

If you can’t make friends with the high prices, may wait for more on Apple Glass. Here, prices are around $ 500 in the room.

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