Apple is developing a keyboard with screens on each key

Apple has filed a patent application with the development of a keyboard with a small display on the keys to dynamically change the labels on each key.

The patent called “Electronic device with keys with coherent bundles of fibers”. It explains how each key on the keyboard can be “associated keyboard display” connected to “control schemes on the keyboard”. Each key should consist of the fiber optic plate.

Иллюстрация: патент Apple

This system will allow to reconfigure the entire keyboard with labels that can be changed as needed. Thus, when you change the language, the keys will display the corresponding characters. Also it will be useful in video games for display on the buttons of the special game symbols.

Also in the patent it is noted that each key can provide “visual feedback”, indicating the current status of each key, for example, whether it is uppercase or lowercase. This adaptive keyboard can be used as a laptop case and a separate keyboard for desktop computers.

Иллюстрация: патент Apple

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