Apple has patented the tracking fingers for future XR-points

Apple has patented the tracking fingers for future XR-points

Presumably, Apple will release the first XR-points in 2022 and 2023. When it comes to entering information, Apple seems to be concentrated on the hands and fingers from the beginning of 2019 the group has five patented technologies in connection with hand and finger tracking for VR points, AR points or MR points (device which supports both modes).


In these patents Apple provides the recognition technology of three-dimensional gestures in the air and head for the finger in the form of a cap or ring that can give tactile feedback to match the digital interaction. Thus, the user will know whether or not the digital element is touched or selected.


Apples Trackingaufsatz für die Finger soll haptisches Feedback vermitteln. Bild: Apple


Nozzle for finger, in combination with surveillance cameras in glasses or by using magnetic sensors must detect the movements of fingers can also be used to transmit sensations.


Apple experimentiert beim Fingeraufsatz mit verschiedenen Formfaktoren. Bild: Apple


AR glasses from Apple is inconceivable without tracking fingers


If Apple actually launched the first XR-glasses in two or three years, we should expect the tracking fingers: your own hands is certainly the most intuitive input device for XR.


“Triumphal March” of the smartphone is also largely due to the simple input through the touch screen, which Apple formed using multitouch for the iPhone. The company will try to repeat this success for the XR. Obviously, Apple has already developed “the Operating system of Reality” (rOS) especially for the age of the XR, which you can securely manage your hands.


Apple CEO Tim cook reiterated that Apple will put a lot of effort AR: on technical events in Ireland he called augmented reality “next big thing”.


In recent times Apple has reportedly tried in the spring of 2018 to buy the company Leap Motion, which specializiruetsya on the tracking of the fingers. Saying that Apple is primarily interested in the Leap Motion staff and about 100 patents related to Computer Vision. Leap Motion has now joined company Ultrahaptics.



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