And as was commented by readers dev.by in 2020
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    • And as was commented by readers dev.by in 2020

    And as was commented by readers dev.by in 2020

    Что и как комментировали читатели dev.by в 2020 годуThis is another reason to tell the readers dev.by thank you for being there this whole crazy year. We have collected the most Salicornia comments to remember what cause you to have more emotions in 2020. just say, most of you padded a joke. Probably because no joke through this year we would not go through.

    Comments that are stronger than other zaplyusovali

    About "spiritual warfare" and Kovrigina

    Sergey Kovrigin, ex-team lead at EPAM ex-Delivery Director at Axamit became the organizer of the Pro-government marches since August is actively involved in campaigns to support Lukashenko. In the photos it can often be seen at the head of the column with the icon or cross in his hands. "I am an Orthodox Christian. "Let's take the cross and icon?" It's all external manifestation: someone someone provokes collects. In fact, the war is spiritual. Arrows of the evil one (dark forces, to be clear) trying to tell people this all the filth, shame, which already prevails in North America and Western Europe. The LGBT movement, the gay marriage, the pedophilia," — said in an interview with Sergei.

    Eugene Piatrushin noticed that violence and cheating is not Christian.

    Anonymus expressed his opinion about the position of Sergei.

    And alexanderby found a link between heavy overtime work and the Pro-government marches.

    About SaM Solutions

    Deputy Director of business development, SaM Solutions Alexander Deev has updated photos on Facebook, adding a frame with elements of red-green national flag. In the comments he said that all the evidence of violence — "slag with painted markers are assholes" and appealed to the staff: "I'm told that our employees felt the same about my position. Give me names".

    Staff objected to Alexander to use his official position in political debate — not very good. And frostby suggested that the top company was wrong to do that in social networks:

    And Victor Bochkovsky noticed that the behavior Deeva directly affected the company.

    User I explained, why not all goods in the country must be attributed to Alexander Lukashenko. Great review, but collected 82 plus.

    About searches in PandaDoc

    September 2, the offices of the company PandaDoc the staff came to the FID. Mikita Mikado has announced that it has closed everyone who was in the office — about 20 people. Anyone not allowed to call do not allow, forbid the use of phones, all of visiting. Require to unlock the computers, otherwise they'll take. This was the first visit of the FID to the office of PandaDoc. Later it becomes known: arrested chief accountant Yulia Shardyko, Director Dmitry Rabtsevich, Director of product Viktor Kuvshinov, HR Vladislav miholap.

    Saint_developer drew attention to the connection search with "Polish" the name of the company.

    And Anonymus was poironizirovat that the staff of the FID did not understand the essence of the company Mikado and Borisyuk for financial assistance to security officers who decide to resign and go in it.

    The departure of specialists to other countries

    On 27 August, the former head of the Ministry of health and the new Grodno oblast Governor Vladimir Karanik at a meeting with collective "Grodno Nitrogen" commented on the situation with the outflow of personnel in it: the "Park of high technologies. We have at the moment the pros run these coders, testers, top managers will leave. As soon as leave here the algorithm developers, analysts, all will fall and it is another source of currency. We have the main asset was the stability. (...) And this promise was," said the official.

    Anonymous expressed the view that the position of officials, which was supported by 90 readers dev.by.

    About burnout

    At the end of August eychary different it-companies was discussed that the staff is demoralized events in the country, attitudes to work and production suffers. We asked HRD what they are doing to support the staff and rebuild the work teams.

    Pavel D noticed that the sharp change of scenery then it does not help.

    About taxes, they are going to raise

    17 December decided to temporarily increase some tax rates "for reimbursement because COVID-19". In particular the rate of income tax on income of natural persons received employment agreements from residents of the HTP and the Chinese-Belarusian industrial Park "Great stone" — from 9% to 13%.

    The greatest response has caused not the material itself, review the employee Synesis, which suggested that the tax allowance will be spent on bonuses to employees of OMON. Synesis because the company supplies equipment for the surveillance state.

    The material that is most commented on

    The absolute record for the number of comments - an open letter to executives and employees of it companies against violence. 1123 comment.

    The letter we published on 12 August. It is the reaction of the it community on the torture suffered by civilians during and after detention for peaceful protest against election fraud.

    In recent months we have witnessed the spiral of violence. Voters and observers recorded numerous violations, indicating the falsification of the election results. We assume that the election of the President of the Republic of Belarus were rigged. Arrested and convicted thousands of people. The peaceful protest dispersed with inadequate force. Ordinary people are detained without any reason, beaten up and arrested. A few days the whole country was limited access to the Internet ( ... ), the country formed the conditions in which the tech business will not be able to function," wrote the authors of the letter.

    It first States the position of the it community and demands: to stop violence against civilians, release all political prisoners and detainees, to hold new elections to provide citizens free access to information.

    Under the letter the signatures of 2500+ employees in it industry, including Michael Dubakov, Arkadiy Dobkin, Yuri Gursky, George Mill, Alexander Chekan, and many others. The comments of the letter so much, because more than 1,000 readers dev.by wrote that also want to join said.



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