An excellent debut. Ukraine has taken a high position in the European ranking of open data

European data portal (EPD) for the first time included Ukraine in the annual rating of open data Open Data Maturity Report, in which our country has occupied 17-e a place among 35 European countries. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry of digital transformation.

“Scoring a 2180 points out of a possible 2600, Ukraine, took 17 th place in the ranking, demonstrating the level of maturity of the sphere of open data at the level of 84%, despite the fact that the average maturity of the sector in Europe is 78%,” – said in the Ministry.

The position of Ukraine in the ranking was due to strong performance in these categories:

Public policy (554 points, or 85%, the average for the EU countries – 85%). Analyzed the compliance of legislation with international standards, the state strategy of development of open data at the national and local levels, the ability of civil servants to use open data.

Unified state webportal open data (569 points, or 88%, average for EU countries – 79%). We evaluated the functionality of the national portal the stability of its development, frequency of updates and level of use.

The impact of open data in different fields (550 points or 85% average in EU countries – 72%). Assessed the quality of studies of public and private organizations of the impact of open data on various sectors of economic and social life.

Compliance of data quality to the international standard DCAT-AP (492 points, or 78%, the average in EU countries – 76%).

European data portal publishes Open Data Maturity Report in 2015. The study assesses the current situation of the development and progress of countries in the open data and provide recommendations to improve the situation. In the ranking of 2020 EPD for the first time included countries of the Eastern partnership of the European Union.

In the top 5 countries in the maturity of the sphere of open data were: Denmark, Spain, France, Ireland, Estonia.

Open data is information that must publish a state open to all citizens the access. This: the budgets of communities, indicators of water pollution, public transport, doctors ‘ salaries, repaired roads, and a wide range of other data that is useful for citizens and, therefore, must be open.

  • August 27, 2020, the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine launched an information web portal about the types of public services and opportunities.
  • On 17 December the Ministry of economy, trade and agriculture, together with Office support to small and medium-sized businesses, has launched additional information resource portal with business support programs for the duration of the quarantine.
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