Sulon, casque de réalité virtuelle sans fil par AMD

AMD launches into virtual reality

SULON. The first quarter of 2016 is not yet over, as already the major players in virtual reality have unveiled their cards. While details on the Playstation VR should be revealed in the evening, and Facebook’s Oculus Rift is already available for order, as is HTC’s Vive, a new competitor has just entered the scene : AMD’s Sulon. The American company specializing in electronic components has just unveiled in turn a virtual reality headset capable of displaying images in high resolution on an OLED screen (as in the competition). The device resembles every headset on the market : an imposing block with screens and lenses, straps to hold everything around the head and a pair of headphones to complete the experience. AMD’s project, however, stands out from its rivals by a peculiarity that may seem innocuous at first, but which in the long run could offer a different experience from the competition.

The AMD Sulon facial block with its ventilation grilles. Credit: AMD

The Sulon, a wireless device

The Sulon has no cable. Where small comrades need to be connected to a computer or console, AMD’s headset is autonomous. During a VR experience, the cables can impede movement, or remind the wearer of the good memory thus pulling him out of his immersion. Lined with homemade electronic chips, AMD’s headset therefore looks on paper like a computer that you would wear on your head. All the components of a computer are there: 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB hard drive-probably located in the rear part of the headset -, a graphics processor and a main processor. So what about weight ? AMD promises a lightweight product. What about autonomy ? Impossible to know at this stage of development. AMD announces a release date for spring. As for the price, still too early to say. It is difficult to know if the device presented is a finished product, just that the device seems to place itself in the mixed reality segment, with a system scanning the environment and allowing to display to the user an image matched with objects, characters or interfaces in 3D with which the user can interact. To watch. The presentation video:

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