Adform increases its competitive edge with the latest ID Fusion solution, which supports programming activities in the so-called open internet

Adform increases its competitive edge with the latest ID Fusion solution, which supports programming activities in the so-called open internet

Adform, the only independent, fully integrated advertising platform, introduces ID fusion – an advanced engine supporting future marketers based on 1st party identifiers. As the first solution of its kind on the market, ID fusion successfully helps to reach more than 50% of users unavailable to date on devices, browsers and channels that actively block 3rd party cookies.

The results of the Adform customer campaign indicate that:
● 120% increase in real-world coverage%
● reduce media losses by more than 60%%
● 3x average conversion rate increase

Continuing the success of Adform flow 2020, a new version of the advertising platform that took three years to develop, ID fusion combines the ability to activate the 1st party and 3rd party identifiers on all browsers and devices while maintaining full internet privacy. This solution supports data-driven ad targeting, optimization, and reporting in Firefox and Safari environments where 3rd party identifiers have been blocked for several years. While Google’s newly designed ‘Topics’ solution is limited to chrome and ‘Unified ID 2.0’ IDs have limited functionality within a single ID type, Adform’s Fusion ID adapts to each first-party ID type, giving an extra boost of confidence to the operations of a modern CMO.

Oliver Whitten, Chief Operating Officer at Adform comments: “We are at a turning point when it comes to the digital industry. In response to the decision of chrome, announcing the withdrawal of support for the popular 3rd party cookies, there was an avalanche of new identifiers. This fact currently creates many unexpected challenges for marketers working on systems that are built around 3rd party identifiers.”

Whitten also adds: “the fragmented area of user privacy and the identity ecosystem itself needs a comprehensive, flexible and scalable solution that can be adopted in any browser and on any device.  Adform believes in an open, revenue-driven internet where consumers have more control over their data than with walled gardens. This allows marketers to gain valuable insights into their own activities and deliver better campaigns.  Id Fusion supports both sides of this equation, where the advanced requirements set by many CMOs are met while respecting the privacy of users.”

Danny Hopwood, SVP, Global Head of Digital Display & Investment Solutions at OMG Global Investment adds: “The world of First-party IDs is now available and we as Omnicom are proud to be at the forefront of change. We believe that ID fusion allows us to reduce our dependence on 3rd party cookies and thus proves that it is already possible to conduct campaigns using 1st party IDs at the moment, without waiting for the year 2023, when the deadline set by Chrome will expire. The first results highlight the significant benefits of ID fusion reaching environments that no longer support 3rd party cookies, such as Firefox and safari, and allowing incremental benefits in the channels tested.”

Bartosz Malinowski, Regional President CEE, MEA & amp; APAC at Adform he adds: “two years ago, we argued that the future would be systems that could flexibly link identifiers from different sources. Today, not only has our thesis stood the test of time, but we have also provided our customers with a ready-made solution that will enable them to effectively campaign with respect for user privacy in the post-cookie era.”

ID Fusion gives marketers the benefits of increased reach and potential in millions of new users, which in turn affects the faster return on advertising spending. The average results from using 1st party identifiers translate into at least a twofold increase in the ad click rate (CTR) and conversion rate (cr) in Safari and Firefox.

About Adform

Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. The unique enterprise technology – Adform flow – has the highest quality UX and scalable modular open architecture for seamless management of the entire digital campaign cycle. It also ensures increased control and transparency of digital activities, while maintaining the customer’s right to full ownership of campaign data. Since 2002, Adform has been developing technology to support human-machine collaboration, thus providing so-called enhanced intelligence that enhances the business performance of customers around the world.

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