A young graduate creates a virtual reality headset to make the elderly travel

A young graduate creates a virtual reality headset to make the elderly travel

A 22-year-old American woman has created a virtual headset to allow older people to travel without having to move.

Traveling when you can no longer move. Here is the gift that 22-year-old Carleigh Berryman wants to offer to elderly people in nursing homes, reports the Washington Post . Founder of the Viva Vita company while still a student at George Washington University, in the United States, this freshly graduated entrepreneur created a virtual reality headset to be able to allow elderly men and women in wheelchairs to continue discovering the world. “It’s exciting. It’s different,” 83-year-old Jim Halsey tells the American newspaper.

“A little joie de vivre for these elderly people”

The goal for Carleigh Berryman is “to bring a little joy into the lives of these older people” and “something exciting so that they can continue to learn and explore the world”. A completely successful experience for these pensioners. “It was nice to see all these things without getting out of your chair,” Alice Murray, 87, tells the American daily. Already, residents who have been able to test the device have indicated that they want to try it again.

Thanks to a starting capital of $ 5000 obtained as a result of the New Venture competition of her school for young entrepreneurs where she came 2nd last April and her own money, Carleigh Berryman was able to pay for the equipment and officially launch her company. An investment that would have earned him “a few thousand dollars in the last few months” after organizing several virtual reality sessions with elderly people. Today, this activity allows him to live, and to “pay his rent”.

Traveling to de-stress

The idea came to Carleigh Berryman at the time when she was interested in the high rate of anxiety and depression in the elderly, of which her 78-year-old grandmother was a victim, in particular. “Their symptoms of anxiety or depression go unnoticed or go untreated, and it’s that accepted part of aging,” the young woman told the Washington Post.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2017, people over the age of 85 had one of the highest suicide rates in the United States with 20.1 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants. The national average for all ages combined is 14 deaths per 100,000 people.

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