A virtual world is going to end - and then it goes on

A virtual world is going to end - and then it goes on

Update, 16. August 2017: Apparently, the creators of AltspaceVR to keep your project in front of the From. A Twitter Post announced on Wednesday morning that there was “good news”: AltspaceVR live more.

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In a blog post on the topic
it also means that AltspaceVR makes more. Details of where the money comes from, the missing recently, not to be found in it, however.

Via Twitter had recently brought Oculus founder Palmer Luckey as a possible AltspaceVR-saver into the conversation. Luckey announced on Wednesday morning to the blog post for the continued existence of the service – and that’s before the official AltspaceVR Twitter Account.

It follows the Text of 28. July in unmodified Form:

Usually E-Mails sent to me AltspaceVR constantly: I was Debating to Meditate and at the “Game of Thrones” was invited, but also to sing on Valentine’s day love songs – everything in Cyberspace, because AltspaceVR is an Online meeting place for owners of Virtual Reality glasses.

The international reporting of the last few years shows that AltspaceVR is one of the best-known so-called Social VR Apps, especially since the platform can even be used with a wireless, mobile phone, glasses, such as Samsung’s Gear VR to reach.

Since before last Monday, however, has not reported AltspaceVR with me – from an unfortunate reason, like now, it is clear. On Friday, the service announced via a blog post that it closes – and soon. 4. August morning German time it’s supposed to be a – what to say here except “end of the world party”? – be over the Online with each other.

The reason for the financial problems were in the Form of lack of investors ‘ funds, said: “We can no longer afford the virtual lights on.” For the AltspaceVR Team this is “surprising, disappointing and frustrating”.

Accessible with various glasses

Also for Virtual Reality are not enthusiasts is the end of the free service a notch, even if you use the service probably constantly, but only from time to time, every few months.


Glasses-balance sheet: it is just a Virtual Reality

>AltspaceVR was one of the first deals that brought glasses by the users of different VR together. Whether you had an HTC Vive, an Oculus Rift, a Gear VR or Google Daydream View on the head, here one could easily chat with each other, and – depending on whether the platform is offered with the virtual hands gesturing.

With additional Hardware for Vive and Rift called the Leap Motion could be transmitted even finger movements into the game: “When I was in AltspaceVR for the first Time, a Finger, I was two minutes before another figure, we showed us everything from the Thumbs-up to the finger,” I wrote last year, in April, I reported on my experiences with a prototype of the Oculus Rift. AltspaceVR was one of the few platforms where you could ever hope to meet other users.

>Virtual tavern in AltspaceVR

Visually impressive, the world of AltspaceVR is not up to today, but what you experienced with his robot Avatar, there was fascinating. The Mix of voice chat, movements, and the sense of Presence, that offers VR is not sufficient, the user feels as if he would be in fact to other people.

Not every encounter was enjoyable

Whether it is made in AltspaceVR good or bad experiences, depended ultimately comes down to who you met in the virtual space station or the virtual tavern: As in real life, not every random encounter is also available in VR, it’s rewarding. So users, especially women, reported time and again that they had been harassed by other users. The creators of AltspaceVR subsequently tried, at least, the Problem is that avatars were sometimes closer, as it was one of the two, is technically impossible.

>Invitations to AltspaceVR Events in the E-Mail mailbox

Blame, not enough experiments, you can’t AltspaceVR, anyway. So the creators are invited specifically to musicians and Comedians, in your virtual environment to occur, albeit sadly, most of the times, addressed to American users. With such actions AltspaceVR temporarily managed to convey an idea of how you could platforms such as Second Life, or maybe even Facebook in VR to imagine.

The numbers of users, the AltspaceVR is now in a farewell post announced, however, show that the VR App is stayed, in spite of the comparatively high level of media attention at the end of a network of niche. 35.000 users of the service would have had every month, it is said, the average user spent per day and 35 minutes in the online world. In the case of larger Events, usually around a thousand avatars were present.

Given the current size of the VR market, not a little, but the bottom line is also not impressive. Maybe I should have even visit one or the other AltspaceVR Event more.

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