A programmer on the road.

A programmer on the road.

In 2016, poles were most willing to bask on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, but not only. Many of our compatriots also travelled to Italy and Croatia. Some were looking for comfortable accommodation with a swimming pool and air conditioning, others were betting on cheaper apartments and hotels. Among the travelers there were also many programmers. After all, the coder is also a man and must recharge his algorithmic batteries. In these travel considerations, let us dwell for a longer time on the trips of programmers. Do you wonder if the trips of programmers are very different from the trips unhappily mentioned constantly in the examples of some Kowalski? Well, they’re different! It’s the kind of coder that needs to stand out. Well, he just has to and already! The travel programmer is:

1. Practical for pain

What a lot to say here: the coder is practical to the point of pain! After all, he’s a strict mind. Such a programmer, once he decides that he is going on a journey, leaves nothing to his own fate. It works according to the maxim that chaos is the best prepared. The coder must have everything under control. Spontaneous departure? No kidding! Unplanned departure means delays and unforeseen costs. Can you imagine writing a program on impulse? Without a second thought? There’s a program here, too, a departure program. Before the coder leaves, he will squeeze out all possible information from the internet about the destination, he will stock up on a lot of practical applications. Each day will be scheduled in Excel. And then-on the road!

2. Puts on online

The programmer is undoubtedly betting on online services both before the trip and during the trip. Coder has power over his journey also thanks to the brave holding in his hands a fully charged laptop, and increasingly also a smartphone. Such a terrible weapon will easily allow you to book an air or bus ticket, will allow you to get comfortable accommodation at an attractive price, and will allow you to make payments almost with a snap of your finger.

3. He travels according to his interests

Coders travel primarily according to their interests. It seems logical, but their interests often deviate from the interests of the average Kowalski, whose name we have shamelessly used here. As a result, it turns out that unlike many Poles who bask on the beach with a window sill, or in sandals and white socks look dumbly at strange paintings in an even stranger Louvre, the programmer gna with a beating heart to Brussels or Paris to communicate with local comic book lovers or travels around Europe in search of murals with favorite motifs from SF films.

4. She loves gadgets

It will not be a surprise for anyone that even on the road coder does not lose his passion for gadgets. Some of them he packs into a backpack and takes with him, others he buys already on the road. At the same time, gadgets, like gadgets, do not have to be at all practical or particularly helpful in travel. It is important that they are within the reach of the programmer’s hand. Cool cameras or even smartphones or tablets can still somehow justify during the mountain climb, because it is worth capturing the fabulous views in the photos. It turns out, however, that often at the same time in the backpack of many coders you will also find, for example, a console for playing. Maybe he took it by accident? That was the first thing he packed!

5. Uses IT knowledge and new technologies

Knowledge of the operation of new technologies and computers is a powerful weapon in our time. A programmer on the road never forgets about it. Even in a small hotel on the Mongolian steppes, he can change the router settings at the reception (most often everywhere the access data settings are traditional Amin/amin) so that he slows down other connections, and speeds up his own and can already use YouTube without hindrance. A coder on the road doesn’t even worry if he gets lost. The appropriate application will instantly find the right way for him, and by the way will prompt where to eat not only tasty, but also cheap.

6. He can control the budget.

The developer is not moved even by the fact that he runs out of funds to continue his journey. Even if something unforeseen happens, such as losing cash or stealing it (although most often the programmer does not take cash), the coder waves his hand. Turns on the internet, finds the right order and remotely performs the work. When necessary, he also executes another order. He’s in no hurry. There is no problem with the fact that in his journey for a while there was a break. I’m sure he’ll use it creatively.

7. He misses programming

That’s right, folks. Sooner or later, a real coder will miss programming. After all, it’s usually his passion in life. Looking somewhere at the amazing panorama of the Alps, our coder on the trip suddenly creaks, he curls, a tear rolls in his programmer’s eye, and in his heart assumes lack. And it will be not only the lack of newly written lines of code, the lack of hated debugging, but also the lack of this pressure that increases when deadline sneaks up from behind and, as if nothing had ever happened, hits the programmer in the head, giggling brazenly. And then what does the coder do on the road? He blows his nose, grabs his backpack and goes home. As soon as possible. Stop!

How do you travel? Confess! You don’t want to? Do you know how to piss off a coder? We know, and you can read about it in our article.

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