A new gift from Epic Games Store — Darkest Dungeon

The festive series of hands in the store Epic Games continues. Today Inside gave way to “the game” Darkest Dungeon — take him here.

The game takes place in the inhospitable world of the Gothic. You cobble together a team of heroes and send it to spooky forests, crypts and other dangerous places inhabited by monsters. Misadventures adversely affect the status of the poor fellows — they develop various mental ailments that should be treated. Among the other features of Darkest Dungeon — a wealth of content (enough for dozens of hours), high complexity and recognisable graphic style.

The creation of Red Hook Studios has won recognition from the press and from users — 84/100 on OpenCritic, 90 % positive reviews on Steam and “Amazing” on YouTube. The strengths of Darkest Dungeon — a thick atmosphere of dark fantasy, addictive gameplay and a memorable audiovisual design. The cons are also there — the races are too long, and the element of chance, zaporowski passage, can permanently discourage the desire to return to DD.

Distribution will be updated tomorrow, December 26, at 19:00 Moscow time. According to a leak, the remaining list entertainment is:

  • My Time in Portia,
  • Night in the Woods,
  • Stranded Deep,
  • Solitairica,
  • Torchlight II,
  • Jurassic World Evolution.
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