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    A new form of the human act

    Published on 16.12.2016

    Artworks in 360 ° video

    The space can stretch, the space can contract!”Philip Hausmeier raves about the opportunities of virtual reality. In the heart of Silicon Valley, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, the Berlin-based artist has now premiered his first art exhibition in Virtual Reality (VR).

    In the Nausea, under this name, the curator summarizes the VR exhibition consisting of various individual art experiences, the art lovers put on VR glasses and navigate with controllers through an artificial world. There you can decide which art “rooms” you enter and how you move through the art experience.

    Does such an act go in VR?

    An example is an artificial figure created by Anne de Vries, which constantly changes its size and shape, even gender. A” being that does not exist in the real world, but still has a spatial, physical relationship to you, “says Hausmeier,”a variant that could perhaps even be described as a new form of the act.”

    At Nausea, he was a curator, “translated” the ideas, works of real-world artists into VR with his team and assembled them into an art experience. The German startup Metaphysics is not unknown in the Californian tech mecca. The incubator Boost VC, specializing in virtual reality and blockchain companies, has already promoted Hausmeier in the spring.

    From installation artist to VR artist

    For artists like Philip Hausmeier, VR is a huge opportunity. The Berliner studied art in London and was then active as an installation artist for ten years. Then in 2013 he discovered virtual reality for his field.

    “Room installations are perfect for the VR medium,” says Philip Hausmeier. In doing so, one overcomes the physical limits of a real spatial installation.

    Interactive art experience

    With VR Kunst, it is particularly impressively possible to show each visitor their own work, depending on how the viewer moves through the art.

    The art exhibition is currently not available on the Internet or in app stores. The short excerpts from the art experience in the 360 ° video (above) shows the “world” currently exclusively on the net.

    Nausea – in Europe at ARCOmadrid

    Philip Hausmeier wants to present Nausea in the context of art, for example in galleries. At the ARCOmadrid in February, art lovers in Europe will also have the chance to immerse themselves in the virtual worlds of his art exhibition.

    One way to make VR art yourself are apps like” Tilt Brush”, where users can, for example, paint with a certain VR glasses (e.g. HTC Vive). The controllers in the hands become brushes in the three-dimensional virtual art space.



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