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We are on the right page. The demonization of the game, we keep Johan Huizinga once wrote a brilliant book called “Homo ludens”. In it, he explains in detail the Thesis that the origin of everything, Creator and the whole of the culture is the game. And had not said Schiller, man is only fully human where he plays? Maybe you have not thought of to electronic games, to Videogames, to the first-person shooter to Virtual Reality goggles, the “total immersion” allow the complete Immersion in fantasy worlds.

There was once books, but also in the relevant series, the performers are no longer effective, but for Joysticks, Gamepads and controllers, if you want to relax. Also, computer are a games also for the interaction between the characters, say, Coming-of-Age horror story, and, not infrequently, we are able to see their child drive up the young protagonist with a pain-distorted features of their avatars on the screen to peak performance. But the tin were not soldiers from Schiller’s youth, a Deputy to the soldiers, to stage battles and to simulate murder and manslaughter? And we all know someone who is not “locked in” Ludo contrary to the recommendation in the title of this Board game is complete and all the game has thrown stones on the pile?

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At the book fair, so it is happening, will be represented in the game industry-probably this year, so prominent like never before. Also when Gaming it comes to content. The surprising skills of many students in ancient mythology, the stir of digital products, the inventors in the case of the Content search are encountered on the Greek and Roman antiquity. The middle ages is already for a long time the historical film of many games. And, well, Yes, wars of all eras form the raw material for a number of Games. They are also indispensable little out of the everyday, such as Smartphones and Laptops. On which constantly play. And, incidentally, to learn something. You should tell just anyone.

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