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EmailGregor Maria Schubert, head of the Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International with Johanna Süß, already dares to write these: “Something is happening in Filmland.”Because the regional, Hessian feature film competition von Lichter has not been so extensive, with twelve entries, and with as many feature films as ever, a total of six, in 14 years. And never before had it been possible to choose from almost 40 submissions. Contributions by Piotr Lewandowski, Christian Schäfer, Jakob Zapf and others are, like the whole program, not only available online for the festival period April 27 to May 2, but also until May 9. However, the tickets remain limited and cost almost normal cinema prices – so the value of the art form film should remain conscious.

The quantity and quality are, a downer, also due to the fact that many successful films at festivals, which would have run in the cinema long ago, are available. Marc Bauders “Who we were”, for example, who personally lets leading scientists philosophize about climate change, earth destruction, the human factor, would have had its theatrical release. He is in a “continuous waiting loop”, said Bauder on the occasion of the program presentation of Lichter. “Hard times “is also experienced by director York-Fabian Raabe, whose feature film” Borga ” received four awards at the Ophüls Festival and now, as a sponsor film of the F. A. Z., is also running in the regional competition.

According to Raabe, why it took his artistic co-producer and leading actor Eugene Boateng almost a year before he agreed was because of what he had been offered in other roles as a black actor. Stereotypes in film and television and how one can tell differently also occupy one of the prominent podiums of this year’s festival – broadcast from the Cantate Hall.

Lichter has once again opted for a digital festival. In summer, however, there will be a special lighting programme as part of the open-air cinema in Frankfurt. This also applies to highlights from the international program curated by Süß under the motto “Change”, which can also draw on the full, with contributions such as Ahmad Bahrami’s “The Wasteland”, “Gagarine” by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh or “Identifying Features” by Fernanda Valadez. Many will not be able to be seen in Germany, said Süß. “Quo Vadis, Aida?”on the other hand, the Festival Go East was held a week earlier – Lichter shares the offer to rent VR glasses with his colleagues from Wiesbaden this time.

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However, the virtual reality program can also be experienced via QR codes. And the video art competition Lichter Art Award will also be streamed: in 2022, however, there will be an exhibition in the Frankfurter Kunstraum Basis from the failed 10th and the next 12th video art show. And the big congress on the future of German Film will be organized by die Lichter Analog in autumn. But the films – from Milo Rau’s “The New Gospel” to Ronny Trocker’s “The Human Factor”– can be seen at the festival.

LIGHTS will take place digitally from 27 April, information at www.lichter-filmfest.de.

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