A dream world of work, according to Corona
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    • A dream world of work, according to Corona

    A dream world of work, according to Corona

    Since the Corona regulations were eased, drove Mrs. A. back often with your commuter train to work. Day-to-day it was full. While in front of the Windows, trees, and fields passing, after she thought about what had changed in their workplace. Even before Corona already had a day at home in the week, because of the children. If on this day conferences were held, she had to investigate, often tedious, what she had missed. If you went to other days in the past, because she had to pick up the kids, it was often considered to be wrong.

    All of that had changed radically. About the presence of culture in the office was no longer discussed. Conferences have now been transferred by default, Skype and agreements via Chat met. Service trips were permanently replaced by video conferences; the CO2-balance sheet of the company emblazoned recently, like a figurehead on the company Homepage.

    The train lurched gently, as her thoughts drifted back to her home, where now a brand-new office chair, you are the company had sent. You had decided with her husband to move even further out to the edge of the city. In this neighborhood, hordes of children were playing as before out there in the street; the school had been shortened.

    Even over the holidays planning, there was no more fighting

    To since so many parents at home, and all schools had introduced digital and interactive learning platforms, this went on without any problems. The parents were in Control of the homework and Latin vocabulary-relieves queries; the acquisitions, the teacher Bot from your home office or, sometimes, even a clever one.

    Mrs. A. had in the week, only one Module in the office; used especially of the communication. You ate Breakfast and lunchte with your Team, looked at the boss over and met when the weather is nice with all the Outdoor Brainstorming (a relic from the Corona-time). When it rained, met you in front of boards with colorful notes, or electronic whiteboard, led to Feedback and discussions with customers, and in the evening, they took out a lot of Material for the work at home (of course, on paper).

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    Even over the holidays planning, there was no more fighting, since then, all taken with the VR glasses. By Mrs. A. just saw white beaches, palm trees, your boat rocked – no, that was the train that rocked! “In a few minutes we reach the Terminus”, it sounded through the speaker, and woke her. Whether your beautiful new dream world of work, you had a Smile hidden under her mouth protection is still on the lips, as in the train station imports.

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    Nadine Angry

    Editor in the economy, is responsible for the “work and opportunity”.


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