9 types of encoders. What kind of programmer are you?

9 types of encoders. What kind of programmer are you?

Our classification is not an analysis made by psychologists, but was formed as a result of many years of observation. We therefore do not claim the right to a thorough, scientific examination of character and personality. Rather, we gathered a handful of reflections-which sometimes with a wink of an eye-allowed us to make the following typology.

Wizard Of The Code

At first glance, he seems to be a master of coding. He can easily conjure something out of nothing. He does not need exhaustive tips-he just needs an idea or a concise password of what he should do. Eloquent, talkative, but not necessarily liked by his teammates. He programs quickly, but he doesn’t care as much about the quality of the code as a perfectionist, for example. It is best fulfilled as a freelancer, but in the corset of the corporation often suffocates.

Introverted Perfectionist

A programmer obsessed with perfection. Instead of witchcraft, he prefers reliable code writing. He perfects every detail, repeatedly returns to a seemingly finished project, constantly finding something to improve. It takes him three times longer to write code than a code wizard, but the quality is incomparably better. Projects written by others drive him crazy. He’d love to write it all over again. He despises deadlines. He needs a boss who can tamp down his perfectionist mania.

You can’t.

He is mainly known for inventing problems that generate more-and so on. By nature a pessimist, and his favorite saying is impossible!. However, he is not lazy, he is looking for solutions, but his effectiveness is not too great. He can well implement a solution that someone else will point out to him. More a craftsman than a journeyman, he needs a master to guide him. He can crush anyone. After a few minutes of conversation, a person wants to jump out of the window-even if it’s the ground floor.

Mr. Copy

His favorite keyboard shortcuts are Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. a master of copying and imitating others. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing. Programmer more out of case than out of passion, although probably calling it an encoder can be considered a big abuse. He’s usually lucky enough to be holed up in the comfort of an office somewhere, and he’s been working for one company for a very long time. Sometimes he gets unlucky and gets some assignment from the supervisor, and then no Stack Overflow or move.


A man who can meet any, even the most unrealistic deadlines. He doesn’t mind any deadlines. A wizard? No, clever. It does not care about the quality of the code or documentation. He does everything in a short, cursory way. Ot, make it work. Usually, however, it does not work quite as it should. As a result, colleagues have to spend time correcting his “works”.


He usually looks like a stereotypical programmer from an American movie-long, often Thinning Hair, careless clothes, constantly pensive. It doesn’t condone mundane nonsense like a franc loan or a new car. Always one step ahead of the others. He lives programming 24/7. He invents technological innovations. When his childhood peers played football, he was among the few who installed Linux on the home PC in the last decade of the last century. Oddball, but with a good heart, gladly lends itself in open source projects.

Boss’s favorite

He works in a team not because he has high programming skills. He’s just very good at making appearances. He always knows what to say and how to behave in order to win the sympathy of the superior. He likes long tirades, but there is little sense and substantive information in them. It’s everywhere. It makes easily builds the image of ” the one who knows.”


A walking encyclopedia, probably knows everything about programming. He consumes huge amounts of books, spends his free time studying documentation. Awakened in the middle of the night, he can recite learned formulas and definitions. He’s always lecturing others. Once he’s done coding, he often stops work to check this or that. At times, he resembles a perfectionist, perfecting the code.


Usually downloaded to the team when the deadline approaches, and the project falls apart. He does not like to share his skills and he looks like he knows some secret techniques.that will allow him to solve miraculously every problem and thus save the project. He has a lack of patience, he is nervous. But he quickly learns new technologies, frameworks and languages. Thanks to this, he can very quickly implement any project. He’s usually very jealous, very difficult to make friends with.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that there are actually as many types of programmers as there are people doing this profession. But maybe among the nine above characters you will recognize yourself? 😁

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