9-11 and lost it country

9-11 и потерянная ИТ-страна

A leap out. At first we thought it was a hard year, because kovid carefully shook it caused a wave of dismissals and salaries, some of the company killed. Then came August, and the pandemic became a pale backdrop.

In August, the it industry together with the whole country learned what it was like to live and work without the Internet. The most prudent seconded key staff during the elections abroad, the other bother with a VPN and was spent on international calls, explaining to customers why meetings break down.

When the Internet came back, it turned out that the shutdown is not the main trouble of the Belarusian “9-11”. Hit the country the details of the night fighting, mass arrests and torture. Among passed through Akrestsin and other prisons were a lot of programmers. The next days dev.by, freezing horror, wrote these stories.

Emotional swings-2020 is not only the energy of the rallies and shock from the terrible evidence of violence, it is also a surprise powerfully awakened civic consciousness in it. Remember out of the shadows of Adamovna-an old-timer Paul Lieber and fantastic report “Voices”? Platform “bison” and “Honest people”? But the sudden arrival and joining the coordination Council of another heavyweight of the EPAM — Maxim Bagretsova?

We felt the heat from it people collective letters and personal statements it tops, videos of students and teachers, flash mobs and solidarity. The pros came out to protest near the ring road and fled from the Riot police, apart from flagpoles near the OEM and abandoned part of the wages to support the strikers. Many lances were broken on the question whether the it sector to join the strike. There were different opinions, but some companies have somehow made it. Not all solidarity remains unpunished. For example, in “Software components” after the strike were all fired and the Post Bar after the days at the time of shut sanitation center.

The initiative of the co-founder of PandaDoc on assistance to security forces lifted the swing up to the heavens, but soon the news about the search and arrest of four employees of the company, jerked down the damn attraction. We anxiously followed the fate of the prisoners (and continue to do so: Viktor Kuvshinov still in jail), and worried about Mikita Mikado, but everyday life has thrown with new developments. The arrest and criminal case against SEO Make ML Alexey Korotkov, visits security forces in the offices of Yandex and “Platini” waiting (fortunately not live) in the Flo office. Reports of the day for the it Department, students and University professors under article 23.34 merged into a grey, gloomy stream, and only very high posts of the prisoners (as, for example, the Director of EPAM Igor Ovsyanik) or long term (as in the case of Dmitry Mazuro and Jan editor-in-chief) is removed from torpor.

Well, there is that surreal stories such as theft valve on the water supply system in Nova Borova, which many perceived as communal revenge young protest area. Or the darkest — like death of the Novel Bondarenko. It community together with the entire nation reacted to this tragedy and on subsequent farce — the arrests of doctor and journalist.

The fact that in mid-August, it seemed only a premonition if it left the country in the past — the beginning of autumn gradually implemented. Relocat became the number one topic, urban folklore even made it part of the benefits package in polite company. Announced its withdrawal from the Belarusian market PandaDoc, in Kiev have moved at least 60 of the Minsk employees. There carried a part of the team of Wargaming, in the process of migration Playtika. EPAM and Flo to open offices in Vilnius. And even to leave it is painful and expensive, I think this is only the beginning of a great outcome. Neighboring countries are eager to adopt the Belarusian it specialists in Ukraine, there is even a private “PVT” fouled and trying to facilitate the migration bureaucracy.

About good old fun — it University and loans from the Fund PVT on #of voitovici — and no one remembers. Plans to prepare the courses for 10-20 thousand of Juneau in the year and thus increase the Belarusian economy a billion dollars by 2030 are left in a past life or in another country. Yes there are castles in the air on a billion — December crackled under foot the Foundation of the industry — Decree on the OEM 2.0. Benefits, cemented to 2049, lasted three years in the new year, HTP resident-companies and the Great Stone waiting for the new Tax code, and with it, obviously, and +4% income tax.

The bonus comes the trade unions. Which, as you remember, the alternative is liquidation. And it will correct the trade unions, those under the wing of FPB Mikhail Orda, as independent, as the experience of “Bearing” and EPAM, it people have no common interests. In General, we have a lot of interesting projects.

dev.by recalls the major events of the Belarusian it in the year of the Rat and looking forward to the year of the Ox.

Monday — evaluate our category, choose the most and the most and dream along with our heroes about the it country of the future.

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